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Help you avoid some 'god pits' for buying new amusement equipment

by:Jinma Rides     2022-03-02
Help you avoid some 'god pits' for buying new amusement equipment

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What aspects should we pay attention to when purchasing new amusement equipment? Let's take a look together!

1. Which age group needs to consider?

First determine which age groups the playground will serve. It is a crucial process for children's playgrounds to plan playgrounds for this. Because to build a fully functional playground, it is necessary to fully consider the different needs of children of different ages and their developmental stages. Only in this way can the needs of all children be met, and forms can be diversified to meet their needs. If the playground also needs to accommodate disabled children, their special needs must also be fully considered. This is a point that many merchants do not take into account, and certainly those with plans and goals will think about it.

2. Precautions for the purchase of new amusement equipment and common sense for the selection of floor mats

People live in truth and freedom for the sake of beauty. Whoever embraces the world more humbly, who loves the world more deeply, is the best; whoever is the freest is the best Yes, in them, there will be the greatest beauty.

1. Objective conditions of the site

Define the area and boundaries of the playground. The selection of the venue and the division of the venue, pay special attention to those objective factors that will affect the placement of amusement facilities, such as sewers, obstacles, lamp posts, etc.

2. The entrance and exit of the venue

The location of the playground must consider the surrounding traffic conditions, places with a large flow of people and few vehicles, that is, the safe flow of people is also large, whether it is convenient to ride bicycles or skateboards in the playground, whether it is convenient to carry a stroller or wheelchair entry.

3. Equipment placement and color

Light, shadow, sun exposure, wind and other factors must be considered. Another important factor is the color of the venue. The influence of color on children is obvious, as well as the style of decoration, etc. Bright and pleasant colors will bring happy emotions to children.

4. Material selection of game equipment

Confirm that your supplier has passed the relevant national certification. Do not use materials containing toxic substances, such as wood containing aluminum, arsenic, etc., all equipment are professionally tested.

5. Ground material protection

Ground protection must be compatible with play facilities in the area. The protective floor can be sand, safety mats, sawdust, but must be thick enough to dampen the impact.

3. Understand products and functions

Playgrounds must be exciting, inspiring and challenging places for children and their adult companions. The rides had to be carefully selected. Choose from a variety of venue rides, such as various mollusk shapes, swings, slides, sand, and more. Different game types constitute the overall atmosphere of the playground. It is important to meet the gaming needs of children of all ages. Therefore, playgrounds must constantly understand children's developmental stages and needs.

I hope everyone can pay attention to the above problems when purchasing new amusement equipment, and avoid some 'god pits'!
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