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How about aerial shooting as a new type of amusement equipment?

by:Jinma Rides     2022-02-11
How about aerial shooting as a new type of amusement equipment?

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As a new type of amusement equipment, aerial shooting has begun to test the water in major playgrounds. Many friends should be gearing up and ready to try it? Today, we will not talk about experience, but briefly introduce it.

Aerial shooting is similar in appearance to traditional flying chair amusement machines, but different from traditional flying chairs. Aerial shooting is a very fun rotating amusement equipment. Our company can customize the production according to the specific needs of customers. The general specification is 8 arms, each arm can be equipped with 2 seats, which can accommodate 16 people in total.

Installation and Transportation

1. The demander is responsible for transportation, the freight and related matters are borne by the demander, and we are responsible for loading. When the demander entrusts our agency, the relevant matters and expenses incurred during transportation and unloading shall be borne by the demander.

2. Installation

(1) We are responsible for the installation of the equipment, the rental fee of the installation equipment and the cost of accommodation for the installer shall be borne by the demander.

(2) All safety responsibilities during the installation of the equipment shall be the responsibility of the purchaser.

(3) After the installation of the equipment is completed, we will provide relevant documents such as the equipment inspection exemption certificate to the demander.

(4) After the equipment is registered and used, we will handle the equipment handover with the buyer.

Maintenance Period

1. The machine is implemented in accordance with the requirements of laws and regulations, and the hidden dangers of the equipment are eliminated in time by day, week, month and year.

2. Routine maintenance during operation.

(1) Correct operation every day to avoid mistakes. Correctly eliminate and deal with general faults in operation, especially safety devices.

(2) Check the mechanical moving parts and friction parts every week to ensure that there is enough lubricating oil.

3. Special technical maintenance is carried out once a month.

4. A comprehensive maintenance is carried out once a year to ensure the safety of equipment and passengers.

As a new type of amusement equipment, what are its product features?

1. In addition to the rotating function of the flying chair, the device can also play the role of lifting the cockpit through the air cylinder. Its very dynamic appearance, equipped with LED lights, is more dazzling in the night, children and adults can experience the feeling of flying and gain incomparable happiness.

2. The main material of aerial shooting amusement equipment is high-quality glass fiber reinforced plastic, which is formed once and never fades. It has the characteristics of beauty, environmental protection, corrosion resistance, exquisite craftsmanship and high safety factor. It is the first choice for investment in amusement equipment.

3. The 16 seats on the periphery of the aerial shooting amusement equipment will rotate at a constant speed after being activated. When turned to a certain angle, the seats will bounce outwards, which is very exciting and interesting, and is deeply daring to challenge yourself. of young people and above to play.

The above is the introduction of aerial shooting amusement equipment. Large-scale amusement parks in some cities have been opened. Friends who want to experience it, let's go and stimulate!
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