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How can new children's amusement equipment increase income?

by:Jinma Rides     2022-08-30
How can new children's amusement equipment increase income?

2021/9/22 8:17:17

We know that the operation of amusement parks is very important and a key factor in revenue. So what are the ways to increase your income? please look below

1. Hang a small sign on the new amusement equipment to tell the children how to play?

2. Place the new children's play equipment in a conspicuous place, and use colorful decorations such as ribbons and balloons to dress up to attract attention.

3. If the cost permits, the operator can launch a free trial session to let the child participate for the first time, and the second time he likes it, he will be sucked in later. It's not difficult

4. Launching corresponding activities for new amusement equipment, such as gift time, lottery, free photo shooting with Polaroid, etc., let parents feel that children experience new equipment, which not only cultivates children's spirit of exploration, but also is very cost-effective, and can also give play bring more fun.

5. The new children's amusement equipment is equipped with staff members who will decompose and demonstrate how to operate it. If the staff's affinity is high, it can also attract many children.

6. Set up a sign at the entrance of the children's park to remind new partners to let children play the game of finding new partners, and set up awards appropriately. Children will naturally turn their attention to new amusement equipment.

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