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How can park amusement equipment eliminate danger

by:Jinma Rides     2022-01-19
How can park amusement equipment eliminate danger

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Occasionally take children out to the park, and find that all kinds of outdoor children's play equipment are really attractive to children, jumping up and down one by one, staggering to grab the slides, some people slide down The slide will also step on another child's foot, and my heart is really pinched. I saw a news some time ago that a 5-year-old child was scalded while playing a slide in the community. On the one hand, he felt sorry for the child, and on the other hand, he felt that the parents were careless. How dare they let the child play on such a hot slide? For children in the open air Amusement equipment, especially in summer, parents should really take good care of their children to avoid burns.

Park amusement equipment is really attractive to children, but there will be a series of safety hazards in the process of playing.

As for how to prevent potential safety hazards, kindergartens and amusement parks should always be vigilant. For large outdoor amusement equipment, should children be required to be accompanied by adults before they can use them? And the parks should regularly check the outdoor playground equipment. Children's play equipment is checked. Some time ago, I saw a lot of videos on the Internet about the quality of outdoor amusement equipment. These amusement equipment have been exposed to the sun and rain outdoors, and they have not been managed and maintained for many years, resulting in all kinds of tatters and even rust. You must know that this kind of children's playground is aimed at children around 5 years old, so you should do the necessary equipment maintenance work. As a parent, you should also check one yourself before your children come into contact with these amusement equipment.

Secondly, kindergartens and amusement parks should choose amusement equipment produced by regular manufacturers, and do not harm others and themselves for the sake of cheapness. The amusement equipment of regular manufacturers does not imitate the design of others, but has its own professional designers. Every detail is out of consideration for the safety of children, but it is still interesting. At present, there are hundreds of amusement equipment manufacturers in the country. Among them, Tongxin Amusement, as one of the top ten brands of children's amusement equipment, is not only excellent in the innovation of amusement equipment, but also has a strong interest in it. There is also a set of overall solutions for children's amusement safety.

So, which park amusement equipment is prone to potential safety hazards, and how to prevent them? Tongxin Amusement provides a solution.

For children's slides, the potential safety hazard is basically whether the children will directly rush to the ground because the slide is too steep? Will it push and shove, causing the children to fall directly? And the corresponding response is to . If the child slides down, it is easy to uncontrollably rush to the ground, and the buffer belt of the slide should be lengthened; it is difficult to completely avoid pushing and shoving, so the height of the slide should not exceed 1.5 meters or the guardrail should be designed higher than the height of the child. Parents or kindergarten teachers should control the flow of people on the slide.

For the seesaw, the potential safety hazard is that some public amusement facilities are mostly iron seesaws, the place where the butt sits can be said to be very uncomfortable, and generally there is only one handle and no other protection measures. If the weight of the two sides is very different And if you don't pay attention, will you fall down or even be hit by a seesaw? Manufacturers can consider adding a layer of protective cover on both sides of the seat to prevent children from falling. Parents should not be careless, and teach children the correct way to play, not to Injuring others or being accidentally injured by others.

For swings, there is a potential safety hazard. Children generally like to sit on the swings and push them. The problem is that the swings in the community are generally made of iron, which is relatively easy to slip. If the person pushing the swing uses too much force, It is very likely that the child will fall off the swing, and if the child pushing the swing is not careful, it may also be knocked down by the reverberating swing. The corresponding solution is that in addition to supervision, parents should try to choose a swing with a large frictional rubber pad, and educate children not to use brute force.
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