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How do amusement equipment manufacturers build their own brands and do a good job

by:Jinma Rides     2022-01-30
How do amusement equipment manufacturers build their own brands and do a good job

Amusement equipment manufacturers breakthrough point one: theme packaging. The competition of water parks in the future must be the competition of theme culture. Theme packaging is always a sharp weapon in market competition.

What is theme packaging? Concept design, detailing, engineering model making and construction are the only way to realize the theme idea, we call it 'theme packaging'. Only the theme packaging without dead ends can perfectly show the theme style and make tourists immersive. To put it simply, themed packaging is to wear clothes. People with different personalities will find the most suitable clothes according to their own characteristics and personalities to form their own characteristics. The theme packaging is like this, giving life to a building without features and connotations, forming features and giving souls.

Breakthrough point two: product mix. The traditional water park products basically only have water entertainment items. To highlight the competitive advantage, we can work hard on the product mix.

As the name suggests, the product combination is a combination of several water park equipment, which have a certain connection with each other. They can play the same way or have different ways of playing, which can provide tourists with a variety of experiences.

Breakthrough point three: secondary consumption. Secondary consumption is easier said than done, but it is actually not easy to do. The focus is on the planning of operating points in the park. According to the passenger flow line and flow, secondary consumption business points such as catering, shopping, performing arts and booths are planned. The benefits brought by secondary consumption cannot be underestimated, and park operators should vigorously develop secondary consumption.

Breakthrough point four: management services. Water parks in third- and fourth-tier cities are generally poorly managed and have a backward sense of service. In order to win in the fierce market competition, it is also a very effective means to hire a professional operation management team and provide good services.

Branding is the guarantee for the long-term development of water parks. Water parks should pay attention to branding. Building a water park brand is beneficial to the formation of serialization of the industry, and to form a serialized service area around the water park.

(1) Service Brand

Improve the service quality of the park, including staff service quality and perfect service facilities. The high-quality service enables tourists to feel the meticulous humanized and personalized service of the park, which touches the hearts of tourists, so that the water park forms a tall image in the hearts of tourists and ensures the stability of the number of tourists. For example, Disney's famous 'six members in one' management model. The so-called 'six members in one' is to make all service personnel have the awareness of safety guards, waiters, tour guides, administrators, propagandists and sanitation guards, so that every employee has a sense of the role of the master, and give full play to their every role. potential.

Domestic water parks can create service brands that conform to my country's actual national conditions and characteristics while learning from international advanced experience.

(2) Brand management

The key to the success of an enterprise, management plays a vital role. It is the only way for the development of my country's water parks to cultivate and select a professional management team, formulate and improve a professional management system, and even create a unique management brand.

(3) Social brand

Amusement equipment manufacturers take into account their own social value and environmental protection value while making profits and creating economic value.
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