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How do amusement equipment manufacturers use their strength to attract customers?

by:Jinma Rides     2022-02-18
How do amusement equipment manufacturers use their strength to attract customers?

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When we play the more dangerous and easily thrown out amusement equipment in the amusement park, there are usually safety restraint devices on the amusement equipment manufacturers, but after all, it is related to the life safety of passengers, so these restraint devices must have safety regulations and must be strictly followed.

1. According to the performance, operation mode, speed and structure of the equipment, the amusement facilities must be equipped with corresponding restraint devices.

2. When the amusement facility is running, when the passengers may be moved, collided or thrown out or slipped out of the ride, there must be a passenger restraint device (also used as a restraint for the improper behavior of the passengers) ). For more dangerous amusement facilities, two sets of independent restraint devices should be considered if necessary. The restraint device can use seat belts, safety pressure bars, blocking bars, etc.

3. The restraint device should be reliable and comfortable, and the parts that are in direct contact with the passenger should have appropriate softness. The restraint device should be designed to prevent a certain part of the passenger from being pinched or crushed, and should be easy to adjust and operate.

4. The restraint device should be reliably fixed on the structural parts of the amusement equipment, and must be able to withstand the maximum force that occurs under normal working conditions.

5. The design of the passenger device, its seat structure and type, should have a certain restraint function. Its supports minimize field welding.

6. The locking device of the restraint device can still maintain its locked state in the event of functional failure or emergency stop of the amusement equipment, unless emergency measures to relieve passengers are taken.

In today's era of fierce competition in the children's amusement equipment industry, there are always some manufacturers who are unwilling to be mediocre and unwilling to accept the fate of being eliminated and make proud achievements. This is called 'the times create powerful manufacturers'. Children's playground investors Or operators are of course more willing to cooperate with powerful manufacturers, how to find and screen them?

The strength of amusement equipment manufacturers has a large scale, a variety of products, and a series of team divisions such as design, production, sales, and procurement. In-depth understanding of the product, as well as prompts from various aspects, it is easier to implement the consensus and integration with customers, that is, the transparency and awareness of the products, patience and carefulness of both parties is to communicate with customers, mutual understanding and win-win developing.

The strength of amusement equipment manufacturers must have far-reaching strategic vision. The children's amusement equipment industry is an industry that combines culture and technology. It turns various interesting cultures into physical children's amusement rides. The culture that children pay attention to is the wind vane of children's amusement equipment. It must be grasped to lead. peers. In terms of products, it continuously develops and produces new fashionable products, develops new projects of children's amusement equipment, and its products have a broad market share.

The after-sales service capability of amusement equipment manufacturers must be powerful and reliable. After-sales service is an important symbol of the strength of a modern enterprise. It is the supplement and continuation of product quality and represents the strong sense of responsibility of the enterprise to customers. Give the customer the impression that after buying your equipment, there will be no worries after damage. Free design and installation, free maintenance, and lifetime warranty are all benefits that induce customers to buy.
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