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How much is a set of large roller coaster equipment

by:Jinma Rides     2021-08-12

How much is a set of large roller coaster equipment? Guangdong Golden Horse Amusement Co., Ltd., a professional roller coaster manufacturer, can provide amusement equipment such as small roller coasters, large roller coasters, children's roller coasters, Golden Dragon roller coasters, family roller coasters, etc.

It is an extra-large amusement machine of track group car inertial sliding type. The track has a total length of 360 meters and is composed of a vertical ring and two spiral rings. The height difference of the track is as high as 15 meters, all of which are reinforced. The train is connected by 12 cars and can carry 24 people.

When the train is lifted to the highest end of the slope track, it immediately turns into free sliding. The huge potential energy causes the train to roll up and down along the track, spiral shuttles, speed and speed, and roar, and the maximum speed can reach 75 kilometers per hour. The various gliding feelings make the passengers linger.

The products are widely used in various large and medium-sized amusement parks (fields). Tourists are firmly and comfortably fixed on the seats of the train by the safety device, and can feel at ease the state of weightlessness, overweight and centrifugation. The thrilling and intense stimulation is deeply loved by teenagers.
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