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How should the children's park operate?

by:Jinma Rides     2022-01-26
How should the children's park operate?

2019-04-12 143 times

New data shows that the scale of China's children's consumption market has reached nearly 4.5 trillion yuan, of which the size of the large-scale amusement equipment market has exceeded 460 billion yuan, and the annual growth rate in the next five years will also exceed 30%. Monitoring data from 42 key cities across the country shows that the total area of u200bu200bchildren's business has reached 9.161 million square meters, an increase of 528.8% in the past five years. The proportion of children's playgrounds in shopping malls has increased from 5% to 15%, and shopping malls with the theme of children's business formats have sprung up. Among the consumers of shopping malls in first-tier cities across the country, the two-person world and the family of three accounted for 69%, the post-70s generation accounted for 47%, and the post-80s generation accounted for 36%. In traditional department stores, the per capita stay time is 1 hour; while in high-end family shopping places with children's amusement parks, the per capita stay time is 4.3 hours. With the popularity of the Internet, the Internet has appeared in all aspects of our lives. The amusement industry is also gradually moving closer to the Internet. The characteristic of the Internet industry is that all work and user behaviors can be quantified. Now, for example, Wanda commercial chain, which has a one-stop management system, and small convenience stores in the surrounding supermarkets, all require operators to collect customer feedback, which ones are they really? Like? Children's amusement equipment has become a necessity for children's leisure and entertainment. Studies have shown that children who often play children's amusement machines have a more positive personality, stronger social skills, and stronger hands-on ability. Healthy growth is good. Of course, when choosing children's play equipment, first of all, the appearance must be beautiful, and the ugly ones must be passed directly. Secondly, buy amusement equipment according to the age of tourists, because children of different ages like different types of amusement equipment. For the operators of indoor children's parks, the large-scale amusement equipment covers a large area, and can be introduced under the premise of ensuring revenue or bringing a lot of popularity, otherwise there will be more popular small children's park equipment. Of course, if your children's playground targets older children, you can consider expanding children's playgrounds. The product mix in a well-run children's playground should be a combination of static and dynamic, mainly including children's naughty castles and children's game consoles. For example, in a 400-square-meter children's playground, about 40% of the space is used as a naughty castle, 30% is used as a children's game console, 10% is used as a sand pool, 10% is used as a catering at the gift bar, and 10% is a spare area for activities. This is relative to the cost. relatively low configuration. If the budget is relatively high, only 30% of the naughty castle will be used, and 10% will be used as a 5D cinema. The children's playground management system for the entire venue will be relatively high-end. The real profit in such a children's playground is the sales of children's game consoles and bar gifts. Catering, the rest can only be regarded as capital preservation or attracting people to flow in.

From the perspective of the overall operation of the children's playground, someone must come first, then the naughty castle and the sand pool are traffic tools. The purpose of opening a small and medium-sized children's playground is to make money, then the children's game console is a tool for making money. This combination is a small and medium-sized child. The best match for the park, if it is a small children's park, it is the children's naughty castle and the children's game console. At present, there are more and more children's playgrounds on the market, and most of them are similar; if a new type of children's playground wants to attract customers in a short time, it must use novel large-scale amusement equipment and products with visual impact to attract children's attention and create future children. Interactive playground.
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