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How should the new amusement equipment be maintained indoors in winter?

by:Jinma Rides     2022-03-22
How should the new amusement equipment be maintained indoors in winter?

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For winter, the temperature is unbearable for tourists, so after winter arrives, due to the cold outdoor weather, the business of outdoor playground equipment is not very good, so for indoor playground equipment, it is a kind of Opportunity is also a test, but the temperature of indoor playgrounds has been heating up and maintaining its proper temperature. Today we will talk about what aspects need to be paid attention to when operating new indoor playground equipment in winter.

Indoor playgrounds are children's darlings in winter. Children are very happy to go to indoor playgrounds in winter vacation, but problems in operation also follow. Let's take a look.

There are too many new amusement equipment. It is a good idea for some operators of amusement equipment to buy several new amusement equipment before and after the winter vacation, but it should be noted that if there are too many equipment, it will cause a more crowded situation in the room, which will lead to conflicts between the equipment. The safety distance is too narrow, so it is inevitable that children will be injured when playing, so you should pay attention to your actual situation when you are new, and don’t buy several sets blindly.

Pay attention to hygiene issues. In winter, because there is heating in the room, it is easier to breed bacteria. Generally speaking, there are more children in indoor playgrounds, and the resistance of children is relatively weak. Therefore, the indoor sanitation should be cleaned after the daily operation. Before opening the door for business every day, indoor ventilation should be carried out to maintain indoor air circulation, and the amusement park equipment should be cleaned and disinfected regularly.

Let's first introduce the characteristics of indoor amusement parks. The area of u200bu200bindoor amusement parks is relatively small, so the area of u200bu200bu200bu200bthe area will be limited. Too large equipment cannot be placed indoors for operation. Generally speaking, outdoor operation The height of the equipment is relatively high and the floor area is large, so it will be difficult to put it indoors. We introduce several small playground equipment for you according to this feature.

First of all, we must choose children's play equipment with a small footprint. Don't consider large-scale play equipment. Mini shuttles like rails are good. This equipment is divided into single-ring and double-ring. For small areas, you can choose single-ring. , you can choose a double ring for a large area, and the cockpit shape can also be varied. The more popular mini shuttles on the market include racing cars, high-speed trains, and animal shapes, and can also accept the customized needs of investors.

Secondly, there is the Ocean Flying Chair, which is a rotating children's amusement equipment with a large number of passengers and novel shapes. And the biggest highlight of this device is that the cockpit is in the shape of a shell, which is very popular among children, and with soothing music, it will make the children riding on it feel happy.

During the winter vacation, for indoor amusement park equipment, as long as the operation is good, it is very easy to make money and profit. At the same time, I hope that the above aspects introduced by the editor of the new amusement equipment can be helpful to you. After all, only the operation Properly making money for a long time, do you think so? For more questions about new amusement equipment, you can visit the official website to learn about it.
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