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How should the popular large-scale amusement equipment be positioned?

by:Jinma Rides     2022-09-29
How should the popular large-scale amusement equipment be positioned?

2021/9/24 5:53:52

With the development of amusement equipment, playgrounds and theme parks in first- and second-tier cities have become saturated, so many amusement equipment manufacturers have begun to attack third-tier small towns, and the market in first- and second-tier cities also needs to be repositioned. Then, we need to To develop a new type of large-scale amusement equipment, how should the future large-scale amusement equipment be positioned? What are the positioning requirements?

1. Accurate positioning of the theme of the playground

In this way, the amusement equipment can be diversified, the theme amusement park can be established, and the interaction between tourists and amusement equipment can be further promoted.

2. Regular shape transformation of large amusement equipment

The basic play function of the amusement equipment remains unchanged, but the appearance of the children's amusement equipment is modified and the experience method is changed, so that every time people play in the playground is different, arousing people's curiosity, there may be Oh, a surprise.

Innovation is the fundamental requirement for the development of a company or a factory, so how should the popular large-scale amusement equipment be positioned? It is necessary to develop innovation!

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