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How to better manage large-scale water amusement equipment?

by:Jinma Rides     2022-09-14
How to better manage large-scale water amusement equipment?

2021/9/23 1:02:53

How to better manage large-scale water amusement equipment? Now in addition to the more common playground equipment such as bumper cars, luxury carousel, pirate ship, Ferris wheel, disco turntable, UFO, shaking chair, etc., all kinds of large-scale water amusement equipment are also very popular. The following Jinma Amusement will share with you how to better manage large-scale water amusement equipment:

: Master market conditions and trends. The market is constantly changing. If you just stick to the traditional business model and do not innovate, it will be difficult to develop for a long time. Only by conducting business and conducting investigations, we can obtain the results and laws through statistics and analysis of the consumption of amusement equipment in a certain area, summarize the characteristics of market demand, and identify the more popular indoor and outdoor amusement projects, which can provide innovative directions. stronger guidance.

Second: integrated innovation. In the amusement industry, especially experiential amusement equipment, the cost of innovation is not high, and it is not difficult to achieve. It can be an internal combination between different amusement equipment items, or a combination of water amusement items and land amusement items, so as to form new leisure and entertainment experience products and bring more freshness to everyone. However, we must pay attention not to blindly innovate, we should try our best to pursue novelty, peculiarity, comfort, and proper distribution of functional areas.

Third: create a new atmosphere. For example, some playgrounds have been built for a long time, and the overall environment is relatively dark. Its ground, walls, glass, etc. are relatively old. Rearrangement, and redesign of the free space in the playground, etc., to create a new play atmosphere and achieve a further increase in value.

Golden Horse Amusement Tips: Some leisure and entertainment venues do not pay attention to the overall environment and appear relatively monotonous. Then Golden Horse Amusement suggests that you can combine the characteristics of the project to create a unique environment atmosphere, making people feel immersive and attracting more potential tourists'.

Golden Horse Amusement Water Large-scale Amusement Equipment: Rapid rush, big sprint.
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