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How to buy amusement equipment in the off-season

by:Jinma Rides     2022-08-22
How to buy amusement equipment in the off-season

2022/7/7 11:42:15

There are peak seasons and low seasons in any playground, and it is very obvious. For example, holidays, small long vacations, winter and summer vacations, etc. are more fun than Powang, and there are relatively less fun at the time. In particular, some amusement equipment and playgrounds with strong functional orientation, such as the peak operating season of water amusement parks, must be in summer, while the ski resorts and ice sculpture cities in the north must be in winter, and it takes a lot of manpower to realize anti-season operation. , financial resources, material resources, improper operation, and inability to control costs, it is definitely not worth the loss.

There are a lot of amusement equipment now, so how to buy amusement equipment in the off-season? What factors should be paid attention to when purchasing amusement equipment?

1. How to use amusement equipment to make money

People who invest in amusement equipment for the first time often ask this question. After the ticket price is set according to the local spending level, it is necessary to see where the selling point of the amusement equipment is, and to catch tourists' spending thoughts and do some promotions and promotion activities. Today's amusement equipment has integrated the characteristics of education and entertainment, and has been recognized by parents. Amusement equipment that integrates fun and education is generally more popular and has a large passenger flow. For amusement equipment, there are vast shopping malls, many policy customers, plus the common advantages and attractiveness of amusement equipment, do you still need to worry about income?

2. What is the quality of the amusement equipment?

Most of the amusement equipment factories in China are not mature enough, and the quality varies. The operator must first determine several similar manufacturers, and then go to the field to check the strength of the manufacturers, the quality of equipment raw materials, and the style of finished equipment, and summarize the quality, quotation, and function of the products. And so on to decide which one to buy.

3. After-sales service

When operators go to a manufacturer to inquire, they should read more and ask more to understand what the after-sales service of the manufacturer includes. The strength of the manufacturer with good after-sales service is not bad, and a strong company cannot be separated from a good after-sales force.
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