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How to check the quality of water slides

by:Jinma Rides     2022-03-08
How to check the quality of water slides

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How to check the quality of water slides

Due to the development of inflatable toys in the past few years, it has included a variety of categories, such as inflatable slides, water parks and mobile water parks, etc. The mobility of inflatable toys is a major feature, because it does not require any Site restrictions, as long as the site is flat, it can be operated, and the site can be changed according to the situation. Here we want to talk about the quality of inflatable toys, it is even related to personal safety issues, so negligence is a must.

1. Reinforcement of high temperature machine connection (three layers of heat and fusion)

At the junction of materials and materials, manufacturers will add an additional piece of material for reinforcement, coupled with the tear resistance of the material itself, which greatly prolongs the service life of the product. At the same time, the PVC mesh cloth material itself has excellent characteristics such as waterproof, cold resistance, (-50°C to 60°C), flame retardancy, and 6P environmental friendliness.

2. Sewing technology

The thread used for sewing is high-strength polyester Bondi thread. Compared with other sewing threads, high-strength polyester Bondi thread itself has high tensile force, good wear resistance, low shrinkage, moderate elasticity, and smooth seam. Under the craftsmanship of the sewing master, the products are produced with more perfect sewing.

The inner and outer parts of the product are sewn with double threads. All stress positions such as corners, joints, and force-bearing surfaces must be reinforced with nylon or PVC mesh cloth for more than four-thread sewing.

The 10cm wide reinforced protection strips on the force-bearing surface are sewn on the 2cm positions on the left and right sides of the original material seam. The highest configuration of six-line sewing allows the product to withstand long-term continuous jumping pressure securely.

3. Reasonable needle distance

The needle distance of continuous inflatable products is full of mysteries.

If the needle distance is too small, the sewing needle holes are too dense per unit length, and the holes between the holes are easily pulled by the sewing thread and broken. Control the needle distance at 1 inch and 4-5 needles, which is the most reasonable needle distance.

4. Reasonable pinholes

There are two types of double needles for sewing on the market: 23 gauge needles and 24 gauge needles.

In order to speed up production efficiency, most manufacturers use 24-gauge needles. The needles are thick and the force of each needle is strong. Although it can save man-hours, it makes the needle holes thicker and the airtightness of the product is also reduced.

The manufacturer's production line uses 23-gauge needles, and the needle holes are strictly controlled within a reasonable size, which not only preserves the airtightness of the sewn products, but also prolongs the service life of the products.
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