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How to choose a bumper car from an amusement equipment manufacturer

by:Jinma Rides     2022-09-13
How to choose a bumper car from an amusement equipment manufacturer

2022/3/1 11:11:16

With the gradual maturity of the amusement equipment industry, some amusement equipment has gradually been eliminated by the industry, such as Skynet bumper cars, which have been less and less accepted by amusement parks. Choose the more popular ground net bumper car amusement equipment and battery bumper car amusement equipment, compared with Skynet bumper car amusement equipment, the investment in the venue will be less. At the same time, the ground net bumper car amusement equipment only needs to be powered on through the conductive floor on the ground, and the battery bumper car uses a rechargeable battery device, which is very convenient, fast and easy to use. Compared with the traditional sky net bumper car amusement Equipment is more advantageous.

Bumper cars are designed based on the principles of facilitating mobile operation and reducing site restrictions, avoiding the high site cost of traditional Tiandi.com bumper cars and the risk of power grids. It can be operated on flat ground, and it is a type of bumper car that can be operated indoors and outdoors. Children drive it by themselves. Bumping, rubbing, left rushing, right colliding, it is impossible to prevent, exciting and exciting.

The products of amusement equipment manufacturers are made of GFRP high-viscosity fiberglass reinforced plastics in one molding, the metal parts are electrostatically sprayed and painted, equipped with advanced audio, counting, colorful flashing LED lights, timing functions, etc., a variety of colors, environmental protection, durable Corrosion, good stability, beautiful appearance, novel style, good performance, adaptability to a wide range of venues, etc., are popular in the market and children's favorite amusement equipment.

The body of the bumper car of the amusement equipment manufacturer is composed of the operating mechanism, the transmission mechanism, the body, the chassis, the rear wheel, the buffer tire, the belt, the conductive rod and the electrical switch. It consists of sky net and ground net to form a power supply system. After the power is transformed and rectified in the control cabinet, positive and negative levels of 90V or 110V DC are added to the sky net and ground net respectively. The bumper car obtains the DC voltage from the sky net through the conductive rod at the tail, and the load motor runs through the load motor, the rear wheel and the ground net, and is controlled by the operating mechanism to drive the bumper car to move forward, backward, and turn left and right. Because there is an air buffer on the side of the car, it can collide arbitrarily.

Matters needing attention when purchasing bumper cars from amusement equipment manufacturers:

1. The power part, that is, the transmission mode of the motor and the driving wheel, is also a vulnerable part. The motor transmission should be designed reasonably to avoid burning the motor; the quality of the wheel is very important, and it must be wear-resistant and easy to replace.

2. The control part, that is, the circuit control part that controls the operation of the whole car, music, and lighting can work normally. Some amusement equipment manufacturers have designed circuits that are very advanced, and the publicity is messy, but the customer should consider whether you can solve it by yourself. , In the case of circuit damage, whether the whole vehicle can still run normally is directly related to your income. Therefore, when choosing, lighting, music, and control are all indispensable, but if there is any problem in the circuit part, you can solve it at any time.
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