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How to choose a park amusement equipment manufacturer?

by:Jinma Rides     2022-03-08
How to choose a park amusement equipment manufacturer?

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First of all, we need to know why we should choose a park amusement equipment manufacturer, instead of just looking for one, because amusement equipment is the most important factor in whether the amusement park can operate normally. First of all, we must consider whether the product has safety certification, so as not to ignore it. The quality of the product is affected, resulting in the occurrence of safety accidents in the water park.

1. Targeted, avoid average investment

One of the most important factors that directly affect and restrict the selection of water park amusement equipment is the size of the investment, because it will limit investors' choices of products and water park manufacturers. Generally, projects with high investment can consider large-scale projects with market appeal in order to integrate with the market and attract the attention of tourists; projects with low investment can consider small and medium-sized water park equipment that is more popular with tourists in the market. However, the most important thing is to avoid average investment. The allocation of funds should give priority to large-scale water park amusement equipment. On the premise of meeting entertainment needs, investment in equipment packaging or theme packaging can be moderately increased to create a good atmosphere.

2. Indoor and outdoor combination to avoid bad weather

Due to geographical differences, seasonal differences across the country are more obvious, and some cities have long rainy seasons and winters, which will reduce the actual operation time and service life of water park equipment and affect the comfort experience of tourists. Especially the outdoor water park project is greatly affected by weather factors. The water park equipment is exposed for a long time, and the weathering is extremely fast and serious. Under the conditions permitted by the investment limit, the combination of indoor parks and outdoor parks can be considered to reduce actual operational losses caused by weather. In addition, humanized settings such as shading and cold fog should also be considered in the design of outdoor projects.

3. Accurate positioning to avoid equipment disproportion

After preliminary market research and positioning (including differential selection of existing large-scale water park equipment in surrounding water parks, analysis of the age and preference of tourist groups, etc.), it is first necessary to set indoor and outdoor items of water park amusement equipment The proportion of stimulant equipment and family soothing projects, and then screened according to their own investment, and selected cost-effective amusement equipment, which on the one hand highlights the individuality of the water park, on the other hand, meets the consumption preferences of tourists. At the same time, in terms of the ratio of amusement equipment in various regions, at least one or more key projects should be considered in each region, which is more conducive to the diversion of tourists.

4. Quality inspection is safe to avoid hidden dangers

The safety of water park amusement equipment is the most concerned by investors after the park opens, so large-scale projects and exciting projects should choose water parks that have passed the national inspection and that have not yet experienced accidents and major failures in operation in the market. equipment to ensure the normal opening of the park and prevent future equipment safety hazards.

Everyone must inspect the comprehensive strength of park amusement equipment manufacturers on the spot before purchasing, and then make a decision.
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