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How to choose the right bumper car manufacturer?

by:Jinma Rides     2022-09-14
How to choose the right bumper car manufacturer?

2021/9/25 8:52:56

When customers buy battery bumper cars, they actually don't need to carefully observe every detail of the product, whether they look at the product online or on-site. It mainly depends on their frame, motor, battery, control box, car shell, and anti-collision strip. Some other small details can be ignored. Let's take the car of Golden Horse Amusement Equipment as an example.

Battery bumper car frame: Generally, merchants use 1.0 square pass, angle iron, etc., but if the square pass is too thin, if the customer buys it back and can't use it for half a year, it will start to break. Even if it is welded locally, it cannot be connected. After that, the whole car becomes scrapped. Buyers naturally don't like it, and invisibly increase their own costs.

Battery bumper car motor: The merchant also considered when buying the motor. If the speed is too fast, the children will not sit on it, so a gearbox is generally used, and the motor will reduce the speed after passing through the gearbox. Bumper car manufacturers will also take it into account when producing cars. If the motor is too small, the speed will be too slow. If the motor is too large, the speed will be too fast and cause danger. Therefore, the general motor selection of 30-50W is directly enough.

Battery bumper car battery: Generally, it is normal for a battery car to reach 2-3 hours on the basis of one battery, and 2 batteries can be used for at least 4-6 hours. Of course, it still depends on the battery brand. If the buyer has to ask for the battery, it is not impossible, but this will increase the cost, if the customer thinks that the buyer's battery is not enough for Saturday and Sunday.

Battery bumper car control box: Some bumper car manufacturers do not make the control box. There are often problems in the use of the control box, which causes customers a headache. The back and forth delivery is also a delay in doing business, and a waste of time is a waste of time.
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