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How to deal with the growing market demand for large playground amusement equipment

by:Jinma Rides     2022-09-15
How to deal with the growing market demand for large playground amusement equipment

2021/9/22 10:38:45

Now more and more theme park playgrounds, agricultural sightseeing ecological park playgrounds, resort playgrounds, tourist attractions playgrounds, and indoor small playgrounds have successively formed scales, and the output value of Guangdong’s amusement equipment industry has set a new record. The demand for the amusement equipment industry with an original annual output value of 4 billion is bound to break through again in 2017.

Jinma Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Guangdong, which is the production base of amusement equipment in China. The output value has repeatedly broken through for several years. In 2017, Jinma paid more attention to the research and development of new amusement equipment. According to the feedback on the demand for new equipment from 19 large-scale amusement rides, more than 30 jungle roller coasters were shipped in March. As a large-scale amusement equipment company manufacturer, Golden Horse has expanded the production configuration of roller coasters and added a separate production workshop for amusement equipment roller coasters. , The playground equipment installation personnel increased from more than 60 people to more than 120 people. There are 3 dedicated after-sales maintenance teams to maintain the production and operation of more than 1,000 amusement park amusement equipment to ensure the normal operation of customers.
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