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How to design details of indoor amusement equipment

by:Jinma Rides     2022-03-04
How to design details of indoor amusement equipment

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Sometimes the comfortable details of indoor amusement equipment attract people to come again, and different colors will have different effects on people's emotions. In a comfortable environment, people will feel relaxed and happy, and they will linger, while an evil environment makes people just want to leave quickly. The same is true for the design of children's play equipment. The reasonable design of the details will make children and adults feel comfortable and can spend more time in the playground. It's like the difference between a beautiful hotel and a dirty little restaurant. So what are the details of children's playgrounds that can be carefully designed? The following is a simple popularization for everyone:

1. Seat: Sitting and sitting and forgetting the time

Many people may overlook a detail. The larger the playground, the more seats next to the indoor amusement equipment. What do playground swing seats do? It's easier to retain customers. Seats in the playground are not only for players to rest when they are tired. This seemingly intimate measure also uses psychology. The setting of the seat is to paralyze the player's perception of time. Sitting down to play the game, the attention is relatively concentrated on the game, the other stimuli received by the person are less encoded, and the time perception nerve perceives less time, so that the customer does not know it. Play longer.

2. Color: red light makes customers more excited

In the impression of many people, the playground is a 'feasting' place. The dazzling lighting is one of the factors that attract customers to the playground. Playing in a cool lighting environment will make people more enthusiastic. Most playgrounds use warm colors such as red, yellow, orange and other auxiliary lighting as the main color, and some use soft lighting colors to create a warm atmosphere. Studies have shown that colors are related to emotional states, such as red for excitement and blue for comfort and safety. Playgrounds generally use red or yellow dazzling lights, which make people more exciting, arouse players' enthusiasm for participation, and stimulate consumption.

3. Music: The rhythm is lingering

When many people pass by the playground, they always hear rhythmic background music. The emotion expressed by indoor amusement equipment music is to let people release stress and emotions, thereby attracting customers. The playground uses music to stimulate players, which will make the game more desirable, give people a sense of fun and excitement, and then affect the participation in the game.

4. Channel: unobstructed view to attract attention

The amusement park passages seem to extend in all directions, but in fact, customers walk around the main passage, basically they can play all the mainstream amusement facilities, and never go back. It is designed to be easy to walk and visit. Make all kinds of amusement facilities 'reachable' to customers to the greatest extent. The unobstructed design style of this playground uses the customers who are playing as exhibits, and the demonstration effect brought by this often attracts more customers to participate.

5. Membership card: swipe digital consumption without any scruples

Indoor amusement equipment amusement parks have launched membership cards of varying amounts. After the membership cards are issued, customers will be stimulated to extend the consumption time. Everyone has such a mentality: every time you pay cash for consumption, you will have a deep and intuitive impression, and you will even feel distressed if you spend too much money, but you don’t have such a deep feeling when you swipe a card. In fact, the membership card uses the responsibility transfer psychology, and the credit card consumption often ignores the repayment (or pre-deposit) responsibility of the money, which will allow customers to have more consumption.
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