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How to detect the daily status of amusement equipment?

by:Jinma Rides     2022-08-21
How to detect the daily status of amusement equipment?

2021/9/23 11:14:19

Golden Horse Amusement's new outdoor hot-selling facilities in 2020: 70-meter rocket ejection, 24-person sunshine farm, space walk (customized on demand), high-altitude moon viewing, ground grid/battery bumper car, wandering earth, dragonfly on water, wonderful journey, etc.

I believe that many amusement park operators have encountered such a situation: their own amusement equipment insists on regular maintenance and runs every day, seemingly intact, but suddenly during a certain holiday, there is a problem with the operation of the equipment, resulting in the loss of a large amount of passenger flow. In fact, in addition to regular maintenance of the equipment, the amusement equipment also needs to be monitored at ordinary times. A little abnormality should be found in time to avoid the chain falling off at the critical moment. So how to monitor the amusement equipment without passing the instrument?

The simple state monitoring methods (for operators) commonly used in amusement equipment mainly include auscultation method, touch measurement method and observation method. These methods can basically be mastered quickly by operators.

1. Touch test method

After the ride has been running for a period of time, the tactile sense of the hand can detect the temperature rise, vibration and the change of the gap of the equipment. Shaking the parts by hand can feel the gap size of 0.1~0.3mm, and touching the parts with hands can feel the change of vibration intensity and whether there is impact.

2. Observation method

Human vision can observe whether the parts of the equipment are loose, cracked and other damage; check whether the lubrication is normal, whether there is dry friction and dripping phenomenon; check whether the movement of the equipment is normal, whether there is any abnormal phenomenon; watch the various installations on the equipment. The instrument that reflects the working state of the equipment indicates the change of data; through measuring tools and direct observation of the surface condition, the problems related to the working state of the equipment are detected, etc.; Make a judgment on whether there is a fault, the fault location, the degree of the fault and the cause of the fault.

Three, auscultation

When the amusement equipment is running normally, the accompanying sounds always have a certain rhythm and rhythm. As long as the operators are familiar with and master these normal rhythms and rhythms, they can compare whether there is abnormal noise in the equipment through the human hearing function and judge the equipment. Whether there are hidden dangers such as looseness, impact, and imbalance in the interior. This method is very important for the operators of the amusement facilities. When the general equipment fails and there is abnormal noise, the operators are required to concentrate, check more and more, and find the fault point in time.

For example, the rolling bearing emits a uniform and continuous hissing sound, which is generated by the rotation of the oil rolling elements in the inner and outer rings, including irregular metal vibration sounds that are not related to the rotation speed. The general performance is that the lubricating oil in the bearing is not enough and should be supplemented. For example, the bearing emits a uniform and periodic 'Ho Luo' sound in the continuous rushing sound. This sound is caused by the scars, grooves and corrosion of the rolling elements and the inner and outer ring raceways.

The above simple tests have a good guiding effect on the daily maintenance of amusement facilities. Therefore, these simple methods should be applied to practical work to effectively improve the quality of maintenance. In order to ensure the operation of the amusement equipment.

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