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How to emergency when the amusement equipment encounters a power outage?

by:Jinma Rides     2022-08-19
How to emergency when the amusement equipment encounters a power outage?

2021/9/18 5:37:50

Most of the amusement equipment uses electricity. This is an advantage and a disadvantage. We will think, what if there is a power outage? So how should the amusement equipment be emergency when it uses electricity?

1. When developing children's amusement equipment, manufacturers of children's amusement equipment must choose some power outage methods for the equipment to ensure the safety of children in time.

2. Children's amusement equipment is prohibited from a sudden power outage. A sudden power failure will damage the motor of the children's amusement equipment; and if some large amusement equipment suddenly loses power, it will pose a personal risk to the tourists. Therefore, all operators are warned to have a clear understanding of the voltage of the operation of the amusement equipment.

3. Understand the voltage required for the normal operation of your children's amusement equipment and the actual voltage during operation. If the current is too high, it will easily burn the motor. If it is too low, it will not be able to drive the children's amusement equipment to operate normally. If it is a power outage, turn off the switch to prevent unexpected calls from bringing risks to tourists.

Dangers are everywhere, and we cannot predict the coming of danger. What we can do is to constantly practice emergency situations and improve our emergency response capabilities. What’s more important is that when dangers come, the staff will be in various positions. responsibility!
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