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How to improve the safety index of indoor amusement equipment?

by:Jinma Rides     2022-03-08
How to improve the safety index of indoor amusement equipment?

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At present, children's playgrounds are everywhere, whether they are in parks or shopping malls. No matter what style of children's play equipment, safety is always the first, so for indoor play equipment, I will explain how to improve children's safety. Safety standards for play equipment.

Specifications for children's play equipment: For sliding grades, such as roller coasters, the acceleration allowable value is increased. This is because when the roller coaster descends from the high point to the low point, the speed is very fast and the acceleration is high. To prevent injury to passengers, acceleration should be limited to a certain range.

Increase various loads, such as wind load, because when the wind speed is higher than the sixth level, its own speed plus the impact force, the possibility of passengers being thrown is very dangerous, and the operation of the children's amusement equipment must be stopped. The safety factor has been adjusted and reduced. In the past, common materials could meet safety requirements without the need to use special materials. In the past, safety factors were set too high, resulting in wasted material and increased costs. Amusement equipment manufacturers have added new requirements for safety assessment and safety analysis. Improve safety standards for children's play equipment.

If we operate a large playground, the large playground basically has only one purpose. These two words make money, so we can choose some new amusement equipment to operate. Although these equipments are slightly more expensive, we can make money while choosing different kinds of amusement equipment to invest. The playground has a large area and a wide variety of types, and different types can meet the needs of different groups of people, which increases our passenger flow.

In order to operate small and medium amusement equipment, people who choose to operate small amusement equipment basically have limited investment costs. Therefore, we choose small amusement equipment with low investment cost according to our own economic conditions, and choose some features. Invest in amusement equipment, these small amusement equipment are also very popular amusement equipment at present.

In terms of the safety of amusement park amusement equipment, no matter how tight the funds are, safety issues should be seriously considered, and no corners should be cut. Otherwise, once the amusement park amusement equipment has casualties, even punishment and compensation can make the operator go bankrupt.

Use qualified amusement park amusement equipment, and do relevant maintenance and regular inspections. Amusement park amusement equipment meets the standards and regulations of the quality and technical supervision department on the quality supervision and safety supervision of special equipment, and is approved by the state or province. Supervision Inspection agencies conduct acceptance inspections and periodic inspections.

It is strictly forbidden to use amusement park amusement equipment that is under maintenance, unqualified inspection, expired or not registered with the quality and technical supervision department. Operation, management and maintenance personnel should undergo strict training and assessment, and obtain the qualification certificate issued by the administrative department of quality and technical supervision. Before putting into use, amusement equipment manufacturers shall register with the quality and technical supervision administrative departments at or above the prefecture or city level. There should be emergency plans, such as sudden power outages during the operation of amusement park amusement equipment, sudden failure of indoor amusement equipment, etc., as well as other unforeseen accident factors.
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