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How to improve the service life of amusement equipment products? What are the main factors?

by:Jinma Rides     2022-09-15
How to improve the service life of amusement equipment products? What are the main factors?

2021/9/26 9:11:36

The lifespan of different amusement equipment is different, but the lifespan of the same amusement equipment is different. What is the reason? What are the reasons that affect the life of amusement equipment?

1) During the use of amusement facilities, under the influence of stress and strain, the shape and size of almost all structures and components are relatively changed to withstand fatigue loads, and their main failure form is fatigue damage. The conventional fatigue strength design of Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. considers: Assuming that the material does not have initial cracks, after a certain stress cycle, due to the accumulation of fatigue damage, cracks are formed, and the cracks continue to expand under the stress cycle until full-section brittle fracture occurs. The number of stress cycles before crack formation is called crack-free life; the number of stress cycles after crack formation until fatigue fracture is called crack growth life. The total part life is the sum of the two.

Generally speaking, the structural life of the equipment is the basis for determining the natural service life of the entire equipment. Each stress cycle will cause a certain amount of damage to the part, and this damage can be accumulated; when the damage accumulates to a critical value, the part will experience fatigue failure.

2) In the use of amusement facilities, another influence on the use is the wear life. When the objects move relative to each other, under the action of friction, the material on the friction surface is continuously worn out, such as the wear between the shaft and the bearing, the wear of the gear teeth, and the wear and tear of the relative movement between the guide wheel and the guide rail, which destroy the matching size of the parts. and strength, when the amount of wear exceeds the allowable limit, it will lead to the failure of the equipment.

The bumper cars produced by our company have the following three advantages: First, our company's bumper cars, such as skynet bumper cars or ground net bumper cars, all use large-capacity motors, which are not easy to be damaged during operation; second, our company's bumper cars are all waterproof Design; The third is the company's bumper car shell, all of which are made of baking paint. The above three points ensure that you use our company's bumper cars, which can greatly extend the life of the bumper cars.

Let’s talk about the old-fashioned Tiandiwang bumper car, also called Tiandi.com bumper car. There is Tianwang bumper car. In the history of bumper cars, this kind of bumper car has brought people countless joys and left precious memories. But history is always progressing. Due to the fact that a conductive plate is hung above the bumper car, it is inconvenient to decorate, and there will be sparks, and the working voltage is high (90V). Now there are fewer and fewer businesses using this kind of bumper car.

As one of the few old-fashioned amusement equipment manufacturers, the company has engaged in 17 mechanical amusement products, and the product quality is well-known in the industry. Bumper cars are a classic project. Now Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. has 30 bumper cars for you to choose from.

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Golden Horse Amusement Equipment Bumper Car Customer Testing Standards

1. When assembling anti-collision and undercover, the diagonal size cannot exceed 5 mm.

2. Before laying the floor, check that all the bolts are not loose, and the heads of the bolts should not be exposed more than 8 mm.

3. Check whether the welding position is painted.

4. Check the anti-collision and whether all the welding seams of the floor are qualified. (Every 20 cm of the floor is welded 2.5 cm long, and the height of the welding seam is 3 mm)

5. The gap between the floor and the floor should not be too large.

6. The plane where the floor and the floor are spliced ​​should not be uneven.

7. There should be no traces of rust on the floor.

8. The whole set of equipment must be clean.

9. Check bumper car lights, running speed.

10. Whether the equipment running time is normal, the time is 3-5 minutes.

11. Is the service attitude of the installer satisfied?
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