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How to increase the turnover of park amusement equipment

by:Jinma Rides     2022-09-15
How to increase the turnover of park amusement equipment

2021/9/26 5:04:33

Whether it is an indoor children's playground or an outdoor park playground, most of them are for playing, making children happy, making themselves happy, and also a place to vent the tension brought about by boring work. After nearly ten years of development, People have become accustomed to taking parks and playgrounds as a place for daily activities. In the early years, the business of parks and playgrounds was very hot, and the author found that tourists' love for playgrounds is not eternal, from the initial novelty to the now commonplace. , I have no desire to play when I see the novel amusement equipment. The park playground is very deserted, and there are only a few people playing the amusement equipment, but the traffic to the park is still quite large. How can we attract people to play in the park? What about playground equipment?

You can refer to the following points:

(1) Adults are free, increasing the effect. This free is not really free, but achieving the goal of free when purchasing multiple amusement equipment items in the park at the same time allows parents to enjoy the free benefits of the park and playground. This is not only a business for children, but also a business for adults.

(2) Inform the amusement equipment, raise the awareness of the parents, and let the parents feel more about the playground. Playground accidents often occur, which makes many parents terrified. Parents take their children outdoors because of the problem of the activity place. It is necessary to place instructions on the entry and exit points of the equipment, and always keep awareness. At the same time, the playground equipment is equipped with some preventive measures. Parents can rest assured about the playground.

(3) Set up a broadcast notification station so that parents can find lost children in time. The park is a relatively large place, and the planned route is like a spider web. Sometimes parents are not very friendly to their children or are too concerned about their children, and many children are playing At the time, due to infatuation and accidentally lost, the early broadcast notification at this time can also let the child return to the parents in time.

Park playgrounds not only have to be attractive enough for the amusement equipment, but also the means of operation are also very important. The above points can be used for reference.
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