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How to increase the viscosity of children's playground equipment?

by:Jinma Rides     2021-08-24

  Playground is very important to attract customers. For children's amusement facilities, how to increase the stickiness that customers want to play is very important. As long as the amusement equipment can attract children to play, as long as enough work is done on the amusement equipment to attract more customers to play, the nature of our playground business will not be bad. So what is the principle of choosing amusement equipment? How to increase the viscosity of children's amusement equipment? Let's take a look.

  1. Teaching principles

   Considering the diversity of children’s activities, amusement equipment should become a part of integration, diversity, knowledge and fun, creating a relaxed, natural and functional for children Complete venue for events. It also has a certain cultural connotation, so that the environment has the function of teaching and learning, so that children can increase knowledge and cultivate emotional intelligence when playing amusement equipment.

  2, the principle of achieving long-lasting performance

   children’s amusement facilities should meet the needs of children for repeated play, should be considered from all angles, and play for a long time without getting bored. Children are always hungry and often invent new toys.

  3. Children’s age difference principle

   Game equipment should be different according to children’s age and talents. Children like to play this project because they can operate, it is difficult to distort the children, make it too complicated and make them boring. Therefore, investors should choose amusement equipment according to the age level of children in the area, and allocate the type of amusement equipment according to the number of children in each age group.

  4. Equipment quality and safety principles

  Children’s play equipment should be non-toxic and should not have sharp edges. The combination of each part should be very firm, so as not to reduce the child's intake. In addition, attention must be paid to whether the amusement equipment contains harmless chemical components, whether it has a pungent odor, and should not use flammable materials.

  5. Principles of interactive experience

   Children like to play at home with children or adults, so a good amusement device should be able to play with more than two children. In addition, parents and children can play together to promote interaction between parents and children.

   The above is about how to increase the stickiness of children's amusement equipment when operating amusement equipment, and the principles that should be followed when choosing. When we can purchase or operate children's amusement facilities, we can follow the above principles. The choices made are expected to help more people buy the correct ride routes.

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