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How to judge the pros and cons of luxury carousel

by:Jinma Rides     2022-03-09
How to judge the pros and cons of luxury carousel

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For many people, both adults and children have a desire to go to an amusement park to play a luxury carousel. Nowadays, there are more and more amusement parks on the market, and the development is getting more and more high-end. The most famous of them is the luxury carousel. The luxury carousel is also one of the important means for many amusement park businesses to choose to attract tourists, but how to judge the pros and cons of the luxury carousel?

1. The first danger of luxury Trojan horse equipment lies in the material, and excellent material is the first guarantee to ensure the safety of children's amusement facilities. If an amusement equipment cannot be guaranteed to be safe, the risk to investors will skyrocket, and investors may lose everything. So the material is the first and only standard shop we judge.

2. The important materials of the carousel are mainly composed of: steel structural parts, glass fiber reinforced plastic (composite material). Steel structural parts are harmless to human skin. FRP products have the characteristics of environmental protection, corrosion resistance and aging resistance, and are also harmless to human body. The carousel is divided into top, middle column, large plate and track parts. The upper roof is composed of umbrella pieces, umbrella sheds, and umbrella levers. The luxurious carousel is also composed of cornices and ceiling decorations. The umbrella pieces and umbrella levers are made of iron, the umbrella shed is hand-sewn from environmentally friendly tarpaulin, the cornices are made of fiberglass and buried iron, and the ceiling decoration is generally made of three materials: endurance board, photo cloth, and sunshine board. Harmless to human body. The central column, the large plate and the track part are all composed of steel structural parts and glass fiber reinforced plastics.

3. Many luxury carousel will use composite materials. The concept of composite materials means that one material cannot meet the requirements of use, and it needs to be composed of two or more materials to form another that can meet people's requirements. materials, that is, composite materials.

In fact, in general, there is only one criterion for judging the pros and cons of a luxury carousel, and that is the material. The material determines the safety, service life, etc. of a luxury carousel. Some unscrupulous merchants will use inferior materials, which is what we are most afraid of Yes, we must keep our eyes open and choose a regular luxury carousel.
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