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How to maintain and maintain indoor amusement equipment

by:Jinma Rides     2022-03-04
How to maintain and maintain indoor amusement equipment

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Trampoline, as a hot indoor amusement equipment, can release people's emotions quickly. As a free and healthy exercise, it has flexible bouncing function and can exercise the limbs and joints of the participants. You can do moderate exercise according to your needs. How to give her good maintenance and maintenance?

One, one week routine inspection, one month inspection and maintenance

2. Regularly check all parts of the trampoline

1. Spring inspection (300,000 times of use): whether there is deformation; whether there is rust; in the static state of the spring, the spring can continue to be used without stretching. ;

2. Check the jump surface: whether there are cracks on the jump surface, whether it is off-line, whether the stitching of the Velcro is incorrect or not aligned;

3. Trampoline soft pad: whether the surface is damaged or cracked, whether the tailor is off-line, whether the sponge inside the soft bag is displaced (if there is a displacement, open the zipper and rearrange it neatly), whether the soft bag and the Velcro seam are The movement is not aligned (there is a movement that is not aligned, re-paste and align, and pull it neatly).

4. Steel frame inspection: Whether the screws at the fixing place are loose, and whether the steel pipe is broken.

5. Sponge pool: Clean it once a month, remove all the sponge blocks, clean the dirt underneath, and scrub the protective pad under the pool.

6. Between the wall and the equipment: Check whether there is any wall material falling off at the link.

7. Seine: Whether the net is loose or broken.

Regular inspection and maintenance of trampoline indoor amusement equipment, long-term persistence can effectively prolong the service life of the equipment.
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