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How to maintain the amusement equipment before the fault occurs

by:Jinma Rides     2022-03-10
How to maintain the amusement equipment before the fault occurs

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The demand for entertainment items is increasing in real life, especially for children's amusement equipment, such as: indoor children's rafting, indoor playground, outdoor amusement park and so on. In order to meet the current social needs, we continue to enter major shopping malls and tourist areas; to ensure that tourists have a good time, the safety of amusement equipment is particularly important. So, how does the amusement equipment need to operate to reduce the occurrence of failures? The childhood editor makes the following summary for you:

1. Do a good job in daily lubrication and maintenance. For the parts of children's play equipment, they will continue to run in during daily operation, and wear will inevitably occur over time. Especially in the case of outdoor operation, the parts are more prone to corrosion, and good lubrication and maintenance are carried out daily. It can effectively reduce wear and tear, prevent equipment failure, and prevent the occurrence of potential safety hazards.

2. Correct and qualified installation. Correct and qualified installation is very important; the installation of components must not allow the slightest error, otherwise, the amusement equipment will fail due to the movement and falling off of components during long-term operation, resulting in potential safety hazards.

3. Keep it clean. The cleaning problem of amusement equipment is not only for the external part, but also for the internal part; when the parts of each connection position are continuously added with lubricating oil, over time, thicker and thicker oil stains will be formed. In this regard, regular cleaning is required to remove excess oil. The oil stains are cleaned up, in this case, the operation of the amusement equipment can reduce the failure and become more and more smooth.

Play equipment is a place for children to play, so the maintenance of the equipment is very important.
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