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How to match park amusement equipment

by:Jinma Rides     2022-01-06

 The playground is an indispensable part of the park. On holidays and Sundays, the playground is a must-go place for parents, children, lovers and friends to relax and entertain in the park. So how to plan and match park amusement equipment? First determine the theme, because the theme of each park is different, and generally fit the theme of the park to create suitable park amusement facilities. For example, the Elk Park, known as the Elk Park, is an extension of the park’s amusement facilities with the theme of Elk. Planning and design combined with slide, climbing, and entertainment functions, focusing on story, fun, and theme. The overall plan and spatial layout of the park must have a holistic view, be able to foresee the nature and spatial form of the park environment, consider its function, economy and art, and coordinate with all factors in the park’s master plan to form an organic whole. The space environment can fully serve the theme. For example, planning an idyllic theme park is completely different from planning an amusement park full of fantasy and excitement, so their layout is also different, and different environmental atmospheres must be created within the scope of the economy to meet the functional requirements.
   When choosing park amusement equipment, there are still some small details that need to be paid attention to. The selected amusement equipment should be bright in color but not dazzling, which is very helpful to the child's visual development.
  Choose different types and shapes of amusement facilities, each of which gives children a different sense of touch, which is also very helpful for the development of children's sense of touch.
  Choosing some rotating or swaying objects is very helpful to cultivate children's sense of balance.
   Choosing some educational and entertainment equipment is very helpful to children's intellectual development. Building blocks of different colors and shapes are very helpful for children to explore the characteristics of objects.
  Some equipment can cultivate the courage of children to overcome difficulties, and some amusement equipment with certain difficulties and challenges will give children the courage to face difficulties directly and find ways to overcome them.
The theme of    is in line with the master plan of a large park. The entire park must have a whole area of u200bu200bmultiple different amusement equipment. Due to the different content of the projects in each region, fewer and fewer tourists participate in the activities; the area of u200bu200brecreational projects varies in size, and the layout should be arranged according to these characteristics. An important point in the layout principle is to allocate personnel flows and ensure proper management. In addition, the psychological needs of tourists should be fully considered, and attention should be paid to the matching of dynamic and static areas and the distinction between adults and children.
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