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How to operate the new indoor amusement equipment safely?

by:Jinma Rides     2022-01-31
How to operate the new indoor amusement equipment safely?

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In the process of operating new indoor amusement equipment, in order to ensure the popularity of the amusement park, manufacturers often add many new amusement equipment to the amusement park from time to time. This measure is of great benefit to the development of indoor children's amusement parks. However, if it is not handled properly, it may be self-defeating and cause many unnecessary disturbances. Therefore, after the introduction of new amusement equipment in the playground, the following things must be done:

1. Hang a small sign on the new amusement equipment to tell the children how to play.

2. Put the latest children's play equipment in the most conspicuous place, and use colorful decorations such as ribbons and balloons to dress up to attract attention.

3. The indoor children's amusement park reminds you that if the cost permits, the operator can launch a free trial session to let the children participate for the first time, and it is not difficult to be attracted after the first time they like it. .

4. Corresponding activities are launched for new amusement equipment, such as gift time, lottery, free group photo imaging with Polaroid, etc., so that parents also feel that children play with new equipment, which not only cultivates children's spirit of exploration, but also is very cost-effective , but also bring more fun to play.

5. The new children's amusement equipment is equipped with staff to decompose and demonstrate how to play. If the staff's affinity is high, it can also attract many children.

6. Set up a sign at the entrance of the children's park to remind new partners, let children play the game of finding new partners, and set up awards appropriately, children will naturally turn their attention to new amusement equipment.

The above activities will definitely attract the children's eyes. After the children are familiar with how to play with the new amusement equipment, I believe they will be reluctant to leave. Of course, this requires a process. In case of necessary accidents, the playground should be equipped with corresponding interpreters to help children integrate into the new amusement equipment as soon as possible. Therefore, although it is a good business to open a children's playground, it is not easy. Every link is very important. A very important thing is the choice of new indoor amusement equipment. A high-quality manufacturer will make it easier for you to operate and the quality of the equipment will be more assured.
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