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How to pay attention to safety when riding amusement equipment

by:Jinma Rides     2022-02-21
How to pay attention to safety when riding amusement equipment

2018-08-20 65 times

When playing games in the playground, tourists all enjoy the fun brought by the amusement equipment, so what should the amusement equipment manufacturers pay attention to to ensure the safety of tourists?

1. The inflatable castle children's play equipment will blow up the entire inflatable castle in case of strong winds, so it must be firmly fastened to the ground so as not to cause a larger tragedy due to temporary carelessness.

2. During the installation of mechanical children's play equipment, different fastenings should be carried out according to the hardening of the ground. It is necessary to ensure that children are safe when riding on the play equipment

3. According to the size of the children's play equipment, different ground fastening measures should be taken, especially the large-scale, children's play equipment with a large number of passengers must be firmly installed on the ground to ensure safety first.

It is very important for amusement equipment manufacturers to fasten the installation on the ground, and must not be taken lightly. Because many accidents happen because the ground is not firmly installed.
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