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How to plan children's play equipment and supporting facilities?

by:Jinma Rides     2022-09-02
How to plan children's play equipment and supporting facilities?

2021/9/26 2:10:29

How to plan children's playground equipment and supporting facilities?

Recently, children's amusement equipment is very popular, and many investors have gathered to invest in children's playgrounds. However, if the venue is not planned well in the early stage, it will seriously affect the later operation. Therefore, the planning of children's playground equipment is very important. It not only involves the transfer of the project, but also includes other supporting facilities, such as vegetation and road infrastructure. This layout and planning will increase the experience and enthusiasm of the customers who play, which will also increase An increase in our revenue. So how to plan a children's playground?

(1) Amusement equipment
Children's play equipment should be based on the purpose of cultivating and exercising children's physique and adventure. Therefore, it is necessary to choose amusement equipment manufacturers with production qualifications. The quality of amusement equipment must be good, and it is easy to maintain and repair.

(2) Site paving
The roads in the children's playground must be smooth and non-slip, especially in the children's activity area, there should be a hard surface, so that children can play with cars, ride tricycles, etc. Maintenance devices should be used for extended equipment, such as sand, plastic, rubber and other soft materials, to prevent injuries caused by children falling.

(3) Landscape elements
Landscape elements are mainly reflected in vegetation design. It is necessary to realize that plants have a certain play value for children. Children prefer plants, not just watching. It is more of curiosity, so children's amusement equipment has a certain particularity in the selection of plants. It should be dominated by trees, with few shrubs, and lawns should choose ravage-resistant species. You can also build some supporting areas based on vegetation, such as setting up hammocks and swings among tall trees, and setting up camping sites on the lawn.

(4) Terrain design
Terrain is also one of the most important factors in children's playgrounds. Good terrain design will improve children's desire to play. For example, the slide-type terrain design will allow children to climb and roll on it, and the flat terrain will allow them to hopscotch. , chase and play, so terrain design is also very important in the planning of the entire children's playground.
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