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How to play bumper cars in park amusement equipment? How much is the price of a new battery bumper car

by:Jinma Rides     2022-10-02
How to play bumper cars in park amusement equipment? How much is the price of a new battery bumper car

2021/9/24 5:58:35

Although the park amusement equipment bumper car has been out for many years, there are still many people how to play and operate the bumper car? There is still something I don't understand, for example, how does the bumper car of the park amusement equipment move forward and backward? Many people are stumped. In fact, I don’t know how to play. I vaguely remember that when I played bumper cars, I kept spinning in place, so I took this opportunity to learn about bumper cars. Let’s talk about how to play bumper cars!

The bumper car can move forward as long as you step on the accelerator pedal. When moving forward, the steering wheel is used like the steering wheel of the car, but if you want to reverse, you need to release the accelerator pedal first, then turn the steering wheel counterclockwise until it can't turn, and then step on the accelerator pedal. You can go backwards. If you want to stop, you can release the accelerator pedal. If you want to move forward, you can turn the steering wheel and step on the accelerator pedal. Isn't it easy?

According to the above introduction, do you know how to play bumper cars with park amusement equipment? Don't be like the editor who is struggling in the same place. Sometimes reading the gameplay of the amusement facilities is really important to us!

As playgrounds and theme parks in first- and second-tier cities tend to be saturated, many amusement equipment manufacturers have set their sights on third-tier cities and some towns, and bumper cars are one of the more fun amusement facilities. In the past few months, consult Golden Horse Amusement Equipment The number of customers with the price of new battery bumper cars has also increased. Only from the analysis of the bumper car consulting customers received by the editor, most customers have no concept of how to choose a good bumper car and how to control the price of bumper cars. Some customers directly ask how much is the bumper car low? In particular, some customers who asked about bumper cars in the battery bumper car square basically did not ask about the material, performance, after-sales and other issues of the bumper cars, but directly asked the price of the bumper cars. This really surprised the editor, because our employees’ slogans every day are It is a production operation and production of amusement equipment. Jinma has developed all the way in the amusement industry. Jinma Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. relies on uncompromising quality, saying NO to malicious low prices, and gradually gaining the favor of rational customers and growing step by step. .

Therefore, I would like to say here: the bumper car manufacturer that purchases park amusement equipment with guaranteed quality and has a team after sales, you choose Jinma Amusement; if purchasing bumper cars is not based on low prices, you choose Jinma Amusement and want to find one Playground design supporting contractor, you choose the amusement equipment of Jinma Amusement Park. Because, if you only pay attention to the price when you purchase, and only find the quality problem when you buy it back, you will not only lose your own interests, but also waste time and condone the development of bad products in the amusement equipment industry.

Jinma Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. directly sells all kinds of children's amusement equipment, new amusement equipment, large-scale amusement equipment, bumper cars without skynet, jungle roller coaster, double-decker carousel, automatic control plane, Shark Island and other amusement facilities and equipment. Welcome to visit. ,discount price. Lifetime warranty, after-sales guarantee, complete procedures, welcome to come to discuss cooperation.

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