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How to prevent the occurrence of these safety accidents of small playground equipment

by:Jinma Rides     2021-08-13
The children’s consumer market, as a sweet and pastry, has always been a market that people are vying for. Now, as a new type of industry, the indoor children’s playground is gradually being accepted by the market. Many people have chosen to join the naughty castle. We have gained tremendous wealth. Every one of us pays great attention to the healthy growth of children. However, because of carelessness, children will have accidents when playing. How can we prevent the occurrence of small playground equipment safety accidents? ?
  一. Emergency measures
   Personal accidents of customers or employees in the store, including accidental injuries, poisoning, and sudden syncope and shock caused by personal health problems. When encountering this kind of situation, we recommend the following measures:
   1. Usually, we should pay attention to training employees to learn first-aid skills such as CPR (artificial cardiopulmonary resuscitation), so that they can respond quickly in the event of an accident.
   2. It takes time for the management staff to come forward to deal with customers' fall and bruises on the venue, and follow the policy of first treatment and then treatment; customers who are bleeding and injured due to in-store facilities should be escorted to the hospital as soon as possible, and compensation will be made according to the actual situation.
  3. When a guest faints due to sudden heart attack, heatstroke, fatigue, etc., you should dial 120 as soon as possible. If you don’t have professional skills, please don’t blindly assist; be sure to lie down first. Never move or raise your neck, as this will hinder breathing.
   2. Common failures of amusement facilities
   1. Sudden shutdown; 2. Mechanical breakage; 3. Falling from high altitude.  3. Causes and prevention of failures   1. Small playground equipment is mostly composed of several systems. The causes of failures are complex, and most of them are caused by improper maintenance or untimely maintenance. Therefore, the prevention of failures focuses on strengthening daily maintenance and regular inspections.
  2. When playing on the slides, it is best for babies to wear outerwear and trousers of the right size to avoid losing their balance and falling from a height due to heavy clothing.
  3. Try not to wear the hat that comes with the overcoat, and don’t wear an overly long scarf, so as to prevent the baby’s sight from being blocked and causing strangulation or sprain.
  4. Before entering the playground, you must carefully read the signs at the entrance and the instructions for the use of various entertainment facilities. Some playgrounds prohibit babies who are too young or under-height from entering, and parents are best to follow them.
  Four. Emergency points
   1. If you feel unwell or feel unbearable during the game, you should promptly remind the staff to stop.
   2. When an abnormal situation occurs when the machine is shut down, do not move and disarm the safety device easily. Keep calm, follow the instructions of the staff, and wait for rescue.
  3. When there is an emergency such as accidental casualties, avoid panic, hoopla, or crowding, and organize evacuation in time.
  4. For outdoor playgrounds, it is necessary to selectively let babies enter and play according to the weather conditions. Once the weather is cold, the time can be shortened appropriately.
  5. For younger babies, parents should teach their babies the correct use of amusement facilities. If possible, they may wish to personally demonstrate it.
  6. If the playground does not allow adults to enter, tell the baby to consciously avoid the collision of other babies.
  5. Expert Tips
  1. When playing, you must first read the 'Guide to Tourists' carefully, listen to the explanation of the staff, and master the main points of the game.
   2. Any small playground equipment has corresponding safety protection devices. In the event of equipment failure, it is the best choice for tourists to remain calm, obey instructions, and wait for rescue, which can reduce the severity of the accident and even avoid personal injury The accident happened.
  3. Whether it is sliding or swinging, let the baby learn to line up one by one and wait patiently instead of pushing each other.
   4. If conditions permit, you may wish to carefully check whether there are foreign objects or nails on the surface of a slide or other facility.
  5. If the baby wants to eat, it is best to temporarily withdraw from the venue and enter the venue again after eating and drinking enough.
  6. When playing the house, tell the baby not to carry too many items at a time, and pay attention to whether there are foreign objects on the ground, such as ocean balls, etc. during the journey.
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