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How to properly operate and manage a playground

by:Jinma Rides     2022-09-14
How to properly operate and manage a playground

2021/9/26 3:57:46

Operators should learn to make reasonable use of holidays, and on some days with high traffic, appropriately launch some activities such as discounts and competitions to increase the flow of people in the playground. It can create a good feeling for tourists, and gradually accumulate the popularity of the playground in the later stage. If it is managed properly, it can also increase online promotion to attract more amusements to come and play.

Updating products is not only to replace the original products, but also to attract more tourists in the later period. When personnel update equipment, they cannot just find a simple equipment area to replace. The audience's eyes are sharp, and in the market In the speech, if some equipment is very novel, it must be highly entertaining, interactive and interesting. To promote it later is conducive to the profitability of operating your own playground.

In terms of the specific means of experiential project innovation, the combination method has low innovation cost and is a relatively easy method to implement. This includes the internal combination of different playground projects, as well as the combination of water park projects and land projects, forming new leisure and entertainment experience products through combination. However, this kind of combination requires not only novel and unique, comfortable and reasonable functions, but also reasonable and appropriate distribution of functional areas. Based on the study of market demand, the results and laws are obtained through extensive adjustment and statistical analysis of the consumers of amusement items within a certain area. , Summarize the characteristics of market demand, clarify the indoor amusement projects that the majority of people in the market demand and love, thus forming creative and new projects, and providing powerful guidance for the direction of innovation.
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