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How to recover the investment cost of amusement equipment construction as soon as possible?

by:Jinma Rides     2022-03-07
How to recover the investment cost of amusement equipment construction as soon as possible?

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The first step in opening a children's amusement park is to recover the cost. This is also the most concerned thing for investors. Let's not talk about whether to make money or not. After all, we can't lose money! So how can we quickly recover the investment cost? Amusement equipment introduces you to some ways to quickly recover investment costs. Superior conditions and reasonable management Superior conditions are the premise for the prosperity of the children's park business. If the business is good, the recovery of investment costs will naturally not be a problem. In addition to the location of the children's playground, good conditions should also include the playground equipment, sanitary environment, and service level in the venue. Although the rent of children's playgrounds in prime locations is more expensive than other locations, the traffic in this location is more, and there will naturally be more potential customers. After you have a good location, you also need brand packaging, which involves the products and services of children's playgrounds. If the amusement equipment in the playground is lively and interesting, coupled with high-quality services, business will naturally improve. Encourage customers to apply for membership cards During the operation of the children's playground, there will be some old customers who often come to play. For these old customers, we can give certain preferential measures, such as encouraging them to apply for membership cards and giving more discounts . Through the promotion of membership cards for old customers, word of mouth brings new customers to play. In addition to relying on old customers to drive new customers to apply for membership cards, a series of activities can also be organized to encourage everyone to apply for membership cards, so as to recover investment capital in advance. Organizing activities and activities can not only increase the fun of children's playgrounds, but also increase popularity. For example, the popular group buying is the best way to increase popularity in a short time, or we can also hold some large-scale competitions. And baby show and other programs to increase the popularity of the playground. In addition, we can regularly organize some small activities, such as parent-child series, birthday parties, etc. If conditions permit, we can also organize activities with nearby kindergartens. These are all good ways to increase the popularity of the playground. Incidental sale

Open up a commodity area in the indoor amusement equipment, and then sell some children's toys, which not only facilitates the shopping needs of some children, but also increases business income by selling toys. In addition to the normal sales of children's toys in our playground, we can also use these toys to stimulate the sales of membership cards and playground tickets, which can be said to kill two birds with one stone. In addition to selling children's toys, we can also sell some cold drinks, etc., for the convenience of those thirsty customers.
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