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How to regularly maintain and inspect playground equipment

by:Jinma Rides     2022-08-25
How to regularly maintain and inspect playground equipment

2022/2/24 4:47:08

After a winter of silence, many playgrounds have ushered in good business again. Are the large playground equipment in these playgrounds regularly inspected and maintained? How can the staff ensure the smooth operation of the special equipment and create an environment for tourists? What about a pleasant play environment?

There are many things to pay attention to in playground equipment, including maintenance and maintenance. So what should be paid attention to when maintaining and maintaining playground equipment?

1. Always check the bolts and screws of the seat for tightness.

2. When checking whether the motor and bearing are heating up normally, running smoothly, when there is noise and other faults, it must be checked and the rear can be operated.

3. Wipe the FRP cockpit frequently to make it as clean as new.

Daily inspections of all playground equipment are carried out twice a day. The daily inspection consists of 'early inspection' and 'late inspection', and the appearance and operation status of all equipment are carefully inspected before opening. The state stipulates that special equipment should be tested at least twice a day. After the technical department has passed the two test runs to ensure that there is no fault and signed it, the operation department will conduct two test runs. After the park is closed at night, all equipment should be checked once. Inspection and maintenance personnel must be very professional. In addition to the special equipment personnel operating certificate issued by the state, the staff must be assessed once every six months.
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