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How to repair the radial ball bearings of large amusement equipment?

by:Jinma Rides     2022-09-21
How to repair the radial ball bearings of large amusement equipment?

2021/9/24 2:23:12

There are radial bearings in the structure of the new amusement equipment, so how should we maintain these radial bearings?

(1) The cage of the new type of amusement equipment is prone to breakage, and the inner surface is prone to wear and tear and breakage. When repairing, the cage can be replaced with a new one or welded and reshaped, and the ferrule can be repaired by welding, remanufactured, assembled (increasing the diameter of the steel ball), etc.

(2) The worn ferrule raceway of the new amusement equipment should be assembled. When the ferrule raceway is repaired, the worn part will be removed, the diameter of the inner ring raceway will decrease, and the diameter of the outer ring raceway will increase. With the original steel ball, the radial clearance of the bearing will increase a lot. Therefore, larger steel balls must be used.

(3) The number of selected steel balls should be unchanged, so that it is convenient to use the original cage that is not damaged. However, for bearings without ball gaps, the diameter and number of steel balls that can be loaded are limited by the filling angle (center angle). As the diameter of the steel ball increases, the filling angle should also be increased. When the fill angle exceeds 180. , it causes several difficulties during assembly. Therefore, the newly selected steel ball should generally only be one step larger than the original steel ball.

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