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How to weld amusement equipment at a glance

by:Jinma Rides     2022-10-27
 The process of how to weld amusement equipment is a quick glance. 427 times 2019-05-20 15:53:24  In the production of amusement equipment, it is necessary to combine various steel components. At this time, welding technology is required. How to weld amusement equipment?

1. Welding current. One of the main factors affecting welding quality and productivity when welding current. Increasing current can increase welding penetration and increase productivity. However, if the current is too large, the electrode core will overheat and the coating will fall off, which will cause defects such as undercuts, burn-through and welding. The metal structure will also become too cold. If it is too cold, it will easily cause incompleteness. Defects such as penetrations and traps.

2. Arc voltage. The arc voltage mainly affects the width of the welding melt. The higher the voltage, the greater the melting width. The arc voltage is determined by the length of the arc. When the arc of amusement equipment is longer, the arc voltage is higher, and when the arc is shorter, the arc voltage is lower. In the manual arc welding process, the arc should not be too long, so the arc voltage is not high and the range of change is not large, generally 20-25V.

3. The diameter of the electrode. The diameter of the electrode is mainly selected according to the thickness of the workpiece to be welded on the amusement equipment. The thinner the workpiece, the thinner the electrode; the thicker the workpiece, the thicker the electrode. Electrodes with a diameter of 3-5 mm are the most widely used.

4. Fast welding speed. The welding speed refers to the speed at which the electrode moves in the welding direction. The welding speed of manual arc welding is generally not specified, but it is controlled by the welder according to the weld size and the characteristics of the electrode.

5. The number of welding layers. In the case of manual arc welding of medium and thick steel plates, multilayer welding should be used. For steel of the same thickness, when other conditions are constant, the number of welded layers increases, which is beneficial to improve the plastic toughness of the welded joint of amusement equipment. The number of welding layers is determined based on actual experience. It is the ratio of the thickness of the steel to the diameter of the electrode (take an integer).
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