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Large amusement equipment, popular amusement equipment - pirate ship

by:Jinma Rides     2022-09-18
Large amusement equipment, popular amusement equipment - pirate ship

2021/9/18 5:58:25

The pirate ship is a newly designed viewing vehicle type amusement machine. It is a kind of amusement project that swings back and forth around the horizontal axis. This kind of amusement machine has different names because of the same shape. name. The shape of the pirate ship is American Indian tribe style, with a total height of 15 meters, a high running speed of 32km/h, and a large swing angle of 60 degrees. Amusement equipment factory is an amusement equipment manufacturer integrating design, production and production. It has excellent workmanship and unique design, xxxx. Welcome new and old customers to come and buy!

Pirate Ship HDC-12 Children's Edition Pirate Ship Play Equipment

After the pirate ship is started, it swings slowly and rapidly. Passengers ride on the pirate ship. With the reciprocating swing from slow to fast, it is like being in the sea with turbulent waves. Challenge the limits of your mental capacity.

Corsair common faults and troubleshooting methods:

1. The pirate ship suddenly stopped during operation
This fault may be caused by power failure, tripping or poor line contact. At this time, you should check the power supply and the electrical cabinet line, you can turn off the power supply, repair the line again, and then carry out no-load test machine, and the machine can run normally. into normal business.
2. The pirate ship cannot ascend during operation
This fault may be caused by the serious wear of the pulley on the pusher, and the pulley can be replaced.
3. There is an abnormal noise in the operation of the pirate ship

This fault may be caused by the dry contact of various parts, and lubricating oil should be added to the contact points of each part.

36 Pirate Ship_Pirate Ship Amusement Equipment

24 Pirate Ships_Pirate Ship Amusement Equipment

Company Profile

Jinma Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in theme park planning and design, theme packaging and decoration, equipment manufacturing and installation, investment, operation and management of integrated park construction units. The main products include: bumper car series, merry-go-round series, rotating, track sliding, sightseeing car, electronic technology series, water park series, go-kart series, sightseeing car series, small train series. The products involved include: indoor parks, large and medium-sized outdoor parks, and water parks.

Jinma Amusement respects technology and standards, and the project is market-oriented, and strives to make every park profitable. After long-term development, Jinma Amusement has gathered a large number of practical talents from each position of planning, research and development, production, engineering, installation, etc., and strives to become the world's best theme park construction unit.

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