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Large-scale amusement equipment needs to do gear maintenance and assembly and disassembly work

by:Jinma Rides     2022-01-31
Large-scale amusement equipment needs to do gear maintenance and assembly and disassembly work

As we all know, no matter what equipment is used for a period of time, it needs regular maintenance, especially for amusement equipment. If the amusement park operator fails to do a good job in the maintenance and assembly and disassembly of the gears of the amusement facilities, then he is not responsible for the lives of the tourists. In order to protect the safety of tourists, how should large-scale amusement equipment do the gear maintenance and assembly and disassembly of amusement equipment?

Grinding and plastic deformation of gears: The damaged parts are manifested as burrs on the tooth top edge and tooth end, the tooth top is rounded, and there are grooves and ridges near the pitch line. The reason for this damage is due to the impact of rolling, the contact stress is too high, the hardness of the gear tooth material is too low, the dynamic load is too large, and the lubrication is poor; the solution is to reduce the contact stress, increase the hardness of the lining, and reduce the dynamic load. Extreme pressure additives and high viscosity lubricating oil are used to ensure installation accuracy and manufacturing accuracy.

Scale wrinkle of gear: The damaged part is shown as a fish-scale wrinkle by the plastic deformation of the tooth surface, which is perpendicular to the direction of sliding speed. The damage of this kind of small playground equipment gear is caused by poor lubrication and high pressure, the result of 'crawling' of the tooth surface, and plastic flow of the tooth surface caused by low speed and vibration; the solution is to increase the hardness of the tooth surface, improve lubrication, improve speed, which controls the vibration of the gears.

Ridge of gear: The damaged part is manifested as the entire working tooth surface, forming obvious ridges along the sliding direction. This is due to the fact that it often occurs in heavy-load worm drive, hypoid gear drive, high contact stress and low sliding speed, plastic flow of poor lubricating materials, etc. The solution is to improve the hardness of the material, using high viscosity, Lubricating oil with extreme pressure additives to keep the lubricating oil clean.

Plastic deformation of the tooth body: The damaged part is manifested as the twist of the gear teeth, the sharp change of the tooth profile, and the discoloration of the hard tooth surface gear teeth. Large amusement equipment believes that this is caused by the violent temperature rise caused by abnormal lubrication, which causes the thermoplastic deformation of gear teeth, and the cold plastic deformation caused by excessive load; the solution is to provide sufficient lubrication, increase the viscosity of the lubricating oil, and reduce the cold plastic Deformation increases the material yield limit.
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