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Learning and safe children's play equipment to ensure the amount of exercise

by:Jinma Rides     2022-09-12
Learning and safe children's play equipment to ensure the amount of exercise

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It has been accepted by more and more people and has become the best choice for family fitness. Briefly introduce the function and use of the treadmill! There are five-window electronic watches on the electric treadmill, and the naughty castle displays the running speed, time, mileage and heart rate of the athlete.

In this way, athletes can know their physical condition well when exercising. Because the driving belt is rubber, the impact force on the joints of legs and feet is much less than that of running on the road, and it is not easy to cause injuries, so as to ensure the amount of exercise. To ensure the scientific and safety of physical activity.

Not only are the muscles in the feet, legs, and hips subject to vibrations, but it is also easy to sprain muscles or strain ligaments. Also, if you jump up while running and the elderly are not suitable for fitness through strenuous running. The treadmill is becoming more and more scientific in design, and can reduce the impact on the knees and back through the buffer device on the conveyor belt. The children's play equipment has its back against the Disney parking lot. Learning and safety play equipment for children

In addition, the treadmill with scientifically set exercise intensity can correct the problem of random exercise of outdoor runners, and by maintaining a certain exercise rhythm and intensity, it can help bodybuilders obtain the effect of #big aerobic training in #short time. Significantly improve cardiopulmonary function. And because treadmills are designed with reference to human physiology, athletes can also use the machine to correct previous wrong running postures.

At the end of this year, Mr. Zhu issued a block-time play card at the Qiyue Parent-Child Paradise in Woge Square, Putuo District, for ten days.
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