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Luxury carousel installation steps to share

by:Jinma Rides     2022-02-06
Luxury carousel installation steps to share

Luxury carousel is a popular amusement equipment for amusement equipment manufacturers because of its high popularity and affordable price. The reason why luxury carousel is so popular with everyone is mainly because of its gorgeous appearance and moving melody. With a dreamy feel. So how to install and use the luxury carousel?

1: Place the base of the luxury carousel horizontally in the center of the venue, and the wire outlet should be placed according to the position of the electric control box you set.

2: Connect the large plate with tires to the base according to the corresponding number, and then install the fan-shaped large plate according to the number to ensure that all screw connections are tight and reliable.

3: Install the luxury carousel chain to ensure that the card is installed in place.

Four: Put the central pole in the center of the base, tighten the screws, then install the umbrella stand on the top of the center pole, install the triangular umbrella stand on the umbrella stand pole, connect the outer arc connecting rod Install it with the linear link in the middle of the triangular umbrella stand, then stretch the umbrella cloth and fasten the straps.

Five: Install the eight umbrella stand top rods between the triangular umbrella stand and the large plate, and tighten the screws.

Sixth, the luxury carousel installs the carbon brush plate on the fixing frame on the side of the conductive ring (middle of the base). The wire head under the base is connected to the terminal under the motor connector in the electric control box, and the main power wire head is connected to the main switch. Check that all the connectors must be fastened and not loose, eliminate possible hidden dangers, and the power can be turned on. (The two-phase power supply voltage cannot be lower than 180V).

Seven: After the luxury carousel can be started normally, you can install the stirrup on the shaft, then install the big horse on the outer ring, and install the small horse on the inner ring, adjust the angle and tighten the screws, so far the installation work Basically over.
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