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Naughty Castle equipment material and technical requirements

by:Jinma Rides     2022-02-22
Naughty Castle equipment material and technical requirements

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The main object of the naughty castle is children, and all the material requirements for the equipment are also higher. Let's take a look at the technical requirements for the main materials in the naughty castle.

1. Net protection: For the net protection requirements, high-strength cotton rope is used, which has the advantages of high strength and good safety performance.

2. Iron pipe: galvanized iron pipe conforming to the national standard

3. Soft cover tube: Aotexiang's soft cover tube uses high-density foamed EVA sponge, with shiny leather on the surface, scrubbing on the surface, bright color, strong and not easy to rot, and has good flame retardancy.

4 Rainbow digression; the interior is made of wood, and the exterior is wrapped in a soft bag. The softness is good and the device is strong. At the same time, the inclination of the installation angle of the equipment is less than 30 degrees.

5. Plastic slide: The equipment is bright in color, safe and environmentally friendly. Strong antistatic.

6. Floor; the floor of the naughty castle is a multi-layer board, and the outside is covered with a soft bag. High strength and high safety.

7. Ground: The ground used is environmentally friendly, and there is no loss to children.

In short, the equipment materials of the naughty castle are required to be environmentally friendly, safe, and not harmful to children.
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