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Necessary knowledge for operators of new amusement equipment

by:Jinma Rides     2022-02-24
Necessary knowledge for operators of new amusement equipment

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In recent years, with the improvement of people's living standards, the consumption level and concept of the public have also improved significantly. Therefore, it is increasingly important to develop new products. However, some new children's play equipment has been like a flash in the pan since it was put on the market. Either the sales volume is not increasing or the failure is frequent, and the degree of market recognition is not even as good as the conventional products such as traditional carousel and bumper cars. So what changes should the new amusement equipment make to be recognized by the market?

First of all, the new amusement equipment should be non-toxic and should not have sharp edges. The combination of its parts should be very strong, so as not to loosen and cause children to eat it. It is also necessary to pay attention to whether the amusement equipment contains harmful chemical substances, and should not use flammable materials. For infants or toddlers, play equipment with long strings and small parts should be avoided. Pay attention to whether the way children play with new play equipment poses a risk. There is no limit to the usage of good new amusement equipment. Children can explore and develop various possible ways to play by themselves. Adults should not encourage children to achieve a single goal, such as asking him to draw a standard square.

Every child is an independent individual, his characteristics vary from person to person and should be respected, and the open new children's play equipment has never been standardized and fixed, so it allows children to develop New ways of playing occur due to different ideas. Good new children's play equipment will allow children to play repeatedly, think from different perspectives, and play for a long time without getting bored. Children are always full of curiosity, and they often create new ways of playing equipment.

Secondly, the playability is strong. The most important point of the new amusement equipment is to have a very strong entertainment, so that tourists cannot lose their interest in playing as soon as they see this product. The operator buys this product from your amusement equipment manufacturer to make a profit. If there are not many people playing the product after it is placed, it will definitely affect the operator's profit. Once word of mouth is formed, there will be no market for this product. . The design drawings at the beginning of the production of a new type of amusement equipment should fully consider the rationality of its operation, the selection and application of various components, the possible causes of failure, the degree of danger and protection during operation, and so on.

In addition, after the new amusement equipment is officially put into operation, it should also be noted that the design and production of the new amusement equipment are completed under the joint cooperation of designers and engineers. If the working principle is not clearly understood, then it is impossible to know where the problem lies, let alone the seriousness of the problem. A very experienced professional maintenance personnel can eliminate and locate faults in the shortest time, because the operating profit of amusement equipment is closely related to time, the machine can make money when it runs, and the machine may lose money when it fails.

After a period of operation, there may be hidden faults. Experienced professional maintenance personnel can determine whether there is a problem after observation and simple inspection, so as to avoid accidents. Maintenance work requires frequent observation and inspection of key parts and replacement of related parts. The structure of the new amusement equipment is carefully designed by the designer, including the size of each angle, the length of each arm and the power of the motor, etc., all of which must be verified.

1. Before the new amusement equipment takes up the job, employees must undergo strict job training. On-the-job personnel should be proficient in the business knowledge and operational skills of the position.

2. Safety inspection must be done before operation every day. The new amusement equipment must be tested for no less than two times before it is open for business.

3. Introduce the rules of play, the operation method of the self-controlled aircraft and the relevant precautions to the tourists in detail. Visitors who do not meet the conditions for self-controlled aircraft are welcome to participate in recreational activities.

4. Guide tourists to sit in the correct seat, overcrowding is strictly prohibited, no partial load is allowed, and seat belts are fastened. Maintain the play order of new amusement equipment and discourage tourists from staying away from safety fences.
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