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Park amusement equipment talks about how the price of carousel is determined

by:Jinma Rides     2022-02-01
Park amusement equipment talks about how the price of carousel is determined

Carousel is not unfamiliar to most people. For those who are operating the amusement equipment project carousel for the first time, the quotation of carousel manufacturers may make you confused and confused. Park amusement equipment will take you Know and understand the carousel, from the configuration of the carousel to the price of the carousel:

From the perspective of transmission, the carousel is divided into upper transmission and lower transmission. The price of the two is very different. The price of the upper transmission is higher, and the price of the lower transmission is lower, and the price is higher. In recent years, the lower transmission carousel has evolved into a form of imitation upper transmission. The so-called imitation upper transmission, the transmission mode is still the lower transmission, but its appearance is basically the same as the upper transmission. It has also become the first choice for most buyers.

From top to bottom, the carousel is divided into the following parts at a time, namely the top ball, umbrella, cornice, ceiling, central column, large plate, and lower wall. Depending on the configuration, carousel is also divided into simple carousel, ordinary carousel, and luxury carousel.

Let’s talk about the header first. The header is divided into small header, big header, big header with lights, crown header and crown header with lights. Of course, the simple carousel generally does not have a header. The lamp header and the crown header are also different due to the different styles of various manufacturers, and the price will also have a certain difference.

The materials of the umbrella are: ordinary tarpaulin, PVC plus mesh, glass fiber reinforced plastic, the price is from low to high.

The cornices are divided into single cornices and double cornices, of which single cornices are divided into small cornices and large cornices. Of course, the number of lights that can be installed on different styles of cornices is also very different, and the number of lights installed by different manufacturers of the same style of cornices is also very different. This also determines the reason why the prices of equipment from different manufacturers vary widely.

The materials of the ceiling are divided into spray cloth, sunshine board, endurance board, glass fiber reinforced plastic, and their prices are arranged from low to high.

The central column is divided into eight door central column and new type central column, and its prices are arranged from low to high.

The material of the large plate can be divided into iron checkered plate, bamboo wood + iron checkered plate, bamboo wood + aluminum plate, solid wood plate and its prices are arranged from low to high. Of course, each material also has its own material and thickness, and its price will also be different.

The lower enclosure is divided into spray-painted cloth, iron sheet under enclosure, endurance board under enclosure, glass fiber reinforced plastic under enclosure, and glass fiber reinforced plastic under enclosure with lights. The prices are listed in order from low to high.

What is more detailed is the number of carousel lights, motors, tires, steel, bearings and so on. Whether it contains a frequency converter or not, these all determine the price of this carousel.

In addition, the important thing is the selection and treatment of glass fiber reinforced plastic, spray paint, paint, whether to bake paint, whether the color matching is reasonable, and whether the color is full, which directly affects the quality and appearance of the carousel.

Therefore, when choosing a carousel amusement equipment for park amusement equipment, you should not only judge the price, but also pay attention to the configuration included. If you pursue the price blindly, you will only adjust yourself into the trap.
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