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Pay attention to the safety of children's play, and do a good job in the renovation of amusement facilities

by:Jinma Rides     2022-03-22
Pay attention to the safety of children's play and do a good job in the renovation of amusement facilities

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In the current fierce competition in the amusement market, not only the traditional amusement equipment needs to be changed, but also the new amusement equipment. Every holiday or weekend, in the amusement parks in various cities, especially in the amusement equipment, we can see parents and children smiling from the heart when playing the amusement equipment, so in the process of transformation, what are the amusement equipment prone to appear? What about the problem? The editor of the park amusement equipment manufacturer will analyze and analyze it for you:

First of all, the design of this type of product should not be blinded, so as to avoid incompatibility in the process of putting into operation in the later stage, thereby affecting customer experience and affecting revenue. Therefore, we should pay attention to learn a lot and carry out reasonable innovation and transformation.

Secondly, in the process of transforming the original equipment, if it is just a simple change of color, etc., such a finished product cannot be called a new type of amusement equipment. Manufacturers should still combine their own experience and make substantial improvements from the perspective of consumers.

In addition, in order for this type of equipment to play its greater economic value, in addition to proper publicity and promotion, there are quality issues as the basis. In the manufacturing process, industry standards must be strictly implemented, guaranteed materials should be used, and overall safety performance should be improved.

Preliminary preparations for operating amusement equipment, park amusement equipment manufacturers remind everyone that when preparing to operate amusement equipment, we must first check whether the equipment is faulty, whether the cockpit is loose, and whether each line is normal, and then our operators must first open the equipment to check Whether the equipment is running normally and whether there is any abnormal sound, our operators should not take it too much trouble. If the equipment fails during work, the entire equipment will not work, which will be even more loss-making. Especially on good business days such as holidays, we should pay more attention to the equipment. Check.

When our operator finishes a day's work, he must clean the amusement equipment and amusement equipment, and pay attention to the garbage such as mineral water bottles and cigarette butts. If these things are stuck in the equipment, the loss to our amusement equipment will be huge. , so the cleaning work after the end is also a top priority.
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