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Playground Equipment Happy Turning Cup Wholesale Price

by:Jinma Rides     2022-08-25
Playground Equipment Happy Turning Cup Wholesale Price

2021/9/26 4:49:59

There are many kinds of playground equipment, such as the classic models such as bumper cars, small roller coasters, shaking chairs, happy spinning cups, disco turntables, happy spray ball cars, mini speeding cars, twin peaks speeding cars, etc. New models such as Transformers, 16-seat luxury Carousel, Egypt Expedition, Shenzhou No. 1, etc., the playground equipment required here is the Happy Zhuanzhuan Cup.

Amusement equipment happy tumbler is a rotating amusement equipment, which is one of the good choices for family and children to travel and play. This playground equipment, the Joy-Turn Cup, uses rotation and revolution to cooperate with each other. It starts slowly around the equipment, and the music starts immediately. The passengers sitting in the cockpit may have a family of three, a couple, or an elderly person. Everyone can enjoy this rare and relaxing moment.

Happy Rotor Technical Parameters

Happy Zhuanzhuan Cup Amusement Equipment Number of guests: 4 people * 9 cups = 36 people

Happy Zhuanzhuan Amusement Equipment Maximum running speed: 4-5 rpm

The height of the joyful turntable amusement equipment: 2.5 meters

Happy Zhuanzhuan Amusement Equipment Drive Power: 12KW

Happy Zhuanzhuan amusement equipment covers an area: 10 meters in diameter

Joyful Zhuanzhuan Amusement Equipment Power Supply: 3N+PE 380V 50HZ
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