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Playground Equipment Notice

by:Jinma Rides     2022-08-25
Playground Equipment Notice

2021/9/23 10:50:27

Instructions for Playground Equipment If a large-scale playground equipment operation is carried out on the site leased by the camp user, it shall sign a management agreement with the site provider to implement the management system. The venue provider shall verify that the operation and use unit of the large-scale playground equipment meets the relevant laws and regulations and the operation and use conditions required by these regulations.

Notes on playground equipment:

1. When operating and using large playground equipment, all passages and exits should have sufficient lighting to prevent personal injury.

2. Post 'Instructions for Passengers' in a prominent place, and its content should include the sports characteristics of large-scale playground equipment, adaptable objects, prohibitions and precautions, etc.

3. The operating area of ​​large playground equipment should be isolated by guardrails or other protective measures to prevent the public from being harmed by the operating facilities. Large playground equipment should be prohibited from operating when someone is in a dangerous position.
4. Outdoor large playground equipment should not be operated and used under dangerous weather conditions such as storms; playground equipment with a height of more than 20m must stop running when the customary big fish is 15m/s.
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