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Playground equipment should be kept clean, free of dust, leaves, etc.

by:Jinma Rides     2022-08-25
Playground equipment should be kept clean, free of dust, leaves, etc.

2022/4/14 4:57:54

Most of the playground equipment is outdoors and is often baptized by the wind and the sun. Playground equipment often insists on high-intensity operations, which will cause great damage to the equipment. Each playground equipment needs to be strictly inspected before use, and daily cleaning and protection should be carried out according to the specifications during use, so as to avoid reducing the service life of the equipment and ensure the service life and function of the equipment.

Under the situation that the system is getting more and more severe, and under the deepening of the theme of social environmental protection, playground equipment will only develop towards two-way environmental protection. In the same way, as long as this entertainment equipment is installed, it can be profitable for a long time.

The ride with this nickname not only pays attention to the environmental protection and safety of playground equipment, but also carries out many spiritual upgrades to the equipment. Our goal is to keep kids on devices that keep saving, then add the fun of the player and bring in more recurring costs. While it is common to play interactive games with friends on the playground, some children may not want to play with playground equipment. It's a set of musical elements that enhance their mood and give them a channel to express their talents. It not only allows children to play around the sound, but also influences the further development of technology through hand-eye harmony exercises.

If your playback device has audio, be sure to turn it on. Some operators suspect the sound will be loud to them. Listening to the same song every day can be a long time. A good idea is to buy earplugs to plug your ears.

If your new ride has lights, be sure to turn them on. Some lamps are designed for daylight use. It was planned by playground equipment manufacturers to attract customers. Open it when you open your business. Don't save a few dollars on your electricity bill.

People are not so open. If the weather is good during the working hours, turn on the device. One of the intentions is to see the health of the device. The intent of both is to let customers know if your device is available. When the number of passengers is low, you can wait appropriately, but there is no need to wait for the person to open and maintain limited patience.

Keep equipment clean and tidy. Whether your new ride is new or old, keep the equipment clean, free of dust, leaves, etc. If the new ride is playing in the water, keep it in good water and change the water regularly. For example, if you go to Shark Island, if the water quality deteriorates, it will damage the mood of the tourists and seriously damage the equipment. In a good environment, you can replace the water every 1-2 months. In leafy, dusty areas, you may need to replace the water within 15 days.
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