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playground equipment

by:Jinma Rides     2022-08-25
playground equipment

2021/9/22 4:44:15

January 15, 2019 is a good day for playground facilities operators, because it is the final exam of primary school students, which also means that their own playgrounds can be hot. However, although the students are going to have a holiday, it is unknown whether they will visit your home to play the playground facilities. So what is the way to increase the passenger flow? It depends on the playground facilities to maintain it.

As the saying goes: 'The poor live in troubled times and no one asks, the rich have distant relatives in the mountains'. If your playground has good equipment, no matter how remote it is, tourists will come to spend it. The following Jinma editor will provide you with several playground facilities with high attendance rates:

16-man pendulum

16-person pendulum technical parameters: equipment power: 30Kw, equipment height: 6m, fixed crew: 16P, swing radius: 4.5m, linear speed: 9m/s, rotating diameter: 3.3m, equipment speed: 6rpm, floor space : 10m*7m.

playground equipment

24 pirate ships

Technical parameters of the 24-seat pirate ship: equipment height: 9.5m, rated crew: 24, drive power: 15kw, floor area: 16m*10m.

20m jumping machine

Rotating space shuttle/jumping machine Technical parameters: Equipment voltage: 380V Total power: 60KW Running speed: 8M/S Equipment height: 20M Number of occupants: 16. Area: 10M*8M

The above three are the must-have facilities in the playground. The [big pendulum] [pirate ship] [jumping machine] playground facilities produced by Jinma Amusement are much more gorgeous than those of other manufacturers, and the price is also ideal. Of course, if you want to increase the flow of people in your own playground, you can't just refer to these three playground facilities, but also need other facilities to cooperate.
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